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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 15 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Neeley Family

We were touched and saddened by the passing of our beloved leader. The funeral service was a tender expression of love and grief shared by the whole church. Our love and prayers are with his family, his associates and our beloved prophet. What a great example of true Christian leadership!

Matthew Sherlock

Beautiful service. The Saints in Canada continue to mourn the loss of a beloved servant. May the Lord's love continue to strengthen those who mourn and our beloved Prophet.

Elder Ed J Pinegar NY Rochester

I loved and appreciated and admired President Faust. He was full of charity and love...a perfect Saint and Prophet of God. I treasure our friendship and pray for his dear family. May all of us follow his great example as he perfectly followed our Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Ed J Pinegar
NY Rochester Mission

Isabel lima

Enter commentI love him very much!!!He is the best for me...I Miss him a lot...He sooo very cute to me!!
With love Isabel from:Brazil.

Jack Haycock

Not to detract from the wonderful service and life of Pres. Faust, but I noticed that his coffin was not draped with the USA flag, a usual custom for a WWII veteran like himself. I did notice off to the side, a small folded flag in a flag case. Frankly I have never known a WWII veteran that did not chose to have the USA flag draped over his coffin. I just thought that was a little strange.

Jonathan Goff

He was and still is a great man.

The Kenny Lamb Family

We were saddened to hear of President Faust's passing. Our prayers are with his family and our dear prophet at this time. President Faust was such a marvelous man. He was greatly loved and will be missed.

Brad Jennings

Although is earthly voice is silenced.
That voice still lives in our hearts.It's a reminder of what a joy it was to hear a true servant of Jesus Christ.
He will be missed.


Jack Haycock -- perhaps you should go back and read the article again. You'll find the flag was properly honored along with President Faust.

The Brower Family

A noble servant, teacher and leader who will be missed. However, this man of faith can now join other Prophets, Seers, and Revelators and faithful Saints to continue his ministry in the Spirit World.
We pray that the Lord will comfort Pres. Faust's spouse and family.

Peggy in Oregon

I will always be grateful for the particular comfort, love and insight Pres. Faust offered everytime he spoke. A great man and a great personal example.

Paul A. Coulis, Gaithersburg, MD

President Faust's funeral service, during which President Hinckley presided was not a military ceremony. And it would have been a notable breach of etiquette and protocol to place floral arrangements from all those who loved him on to of the Stars and Stripes. It was reported that his casket was draped by the American flag, presumably after the floral arrangements had been set aside, as it approached his grave.


On behalf of the family of President James E. Faust I wish to thank each of you for your comments of love and support. They have meant a great deal to us during this difficult period.

Faithfully yours,

Marcus G. Faust


Sister Faust was my late grandmother's visiting teacher. The Fausts also came to my grandparent's 50th. We appreciate their graciousness and friendship. I have noticed that general authorities are the friendliest, best-humored, unrushed people I've ever met, yet they are the busiest people on earth. President Faust was no exception. The closing hymn was so appropriate and I didn't know that Pres. Faust wrote the hymn until yesterday. We'll miss him.

Sam Lopez

We learned of President Faust's passing while in hospital after my wife lost her unborn baby of eleven weeks. She always mentions how President Faust's discourses and Christlike, quite and loving manner as well as the tender feelings expressed when addressing the members at conference made of him a special General Authority for her. Thank you for your teachings and example of meekness and consacration. He surely has gone to join all the noble and great ones that went before before him beyond the veil.

Spencer, Chandler AZ

What an example of a life well-lived. A man who choose to serve and love those around him and to do all he could to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. His passing is a sorrow to all of us who will miss his wisdom, compassion, and example, but is sweet for him and the legacy he left will be a comfort to his dear family.


Thanks President Faust. You are a wonderful example of what a man of God should be. My life is better for having known you.

Debi BrockBank

President Faust's Legacy of Love and compassion lives on in the lives of his family. We send our best wishes and condolences to those he leaves behind. We will miss his great insigt and example.

Shelley Heer Moser

Elder Faust has always been a strength and an example to me of strength and righteous committment to Christ and His True Gospel. I am thankful to him and all of our leaders, who have dedicated their
lives to us and the Lord's Church. Thank you to
those, who sacrificed time with him to share him with the world. He has truly touched my life.

Shelley Heer Moser :)

Lorin Blauer

I shall never forget how an exhausted Tabernacle Choir came to attention when President Faust paraphrased Helaman 10: 4-5 in pronouncing an Apostalic Blessing upon the Choir during our Sacrament Meeting on the shore of the Sea of Galalee during our tour to Israel at the end of 1992. It was a beautiful and touching experience which bound President Faust to our hearts forever.

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