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Published: Friday, Aug. 10 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mark Mason

Shocked is how I felt when I heard the news. I imagined the sorrow president Hinckley must feel, loosing such a close friend, counselor, and confidant. I felt pain for his family and how they will miss this gentle, loving man. And I immediately thought of some of the most treasured messages I have heard from president Faust in general conference: About a little lamb bleating in a thunderstorm and a boy not wanting to get out of bed; about a grandmother carrying her own wood for her fire and a man later feeling such shame for having been so selfish; and about a son wanting a cheap toy but receiving an unwanted ring instead. All seemed to carry the same thought: a humble recognition and desire to be more sensitive to others. On my mission I learned from president Faust one of the greatest lessons of life: "A sensitive conscience is the sign of a health spirit." I have tried to live by those words. It has made such a difference for me.


President Faust to me emulated something all of us desire to have more of-compassion on others, and in an unspoken way pleaded for members of the church to live their religion, repent of our sins, and learn how to forgive and serve others. that seems to be a theme he carried through his life. Thank You for giving us President Faust. thats the impact he has on me.

Elder and Sister Fenton

We will miss the wonderful example of Faith, Courage, Hope and Charity portrayed by President Faust. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to his Family.

Wendy Montoya

We loved President Faust and I will miss his wonderful direction in your beautiful messages.

Familia S´┐Żnchez

No conocimos al Pdte Faust en persona , pero ha sido una gran influencia para la vida de nuestra familia ,Gracias a su ejemplo , amor y testimonio.Nuestras oraciones para su familia y amigos.


President Faust was a man who many loved and admired. He means a lot to the Church and will always be remembered for His great work. I will truly miss his talks in Conference. He was an inspiration to me!

Jack McDonald

President Faust spoke at my father's funeral. They were missionary companions. My father was his trainer. He became our second father after dads passing. I will treasure the letters, the memories, and the life of this wonderful apostle.

Willi Allred

An inspiration to those who listened to him. May God comfort his family and may we remember the lessons he taught.


President Faust was an outstanding man full of faith, love and testimony. We will miss him dearly. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family and the Church at this time. Thank you President Faust for the service and love you extended to our family.

lee geertsen

I loved President Faust. He was an inspiration to me. When teaching the Gospel Doctrine lessons in my ward,
I often take quotes from his wonderful sermons.
He was a true Disciple of Christ.
My love to the Faust family at this time.


What a Humble and Inspirational Man. A great loss to the world...


President Faust was a man who many loved and admired. He means a lot to the Church and will always be remembered for His great work. I will truly miss his talks in Conference. He was an inspiration to me!

Paulo Neves

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Pres. Faust in 1976 during a mission conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I will treasure that moment forever. His son, Robert Faust was my zone leader back then.

Paulo Neves, Orem, Utah

Sister Peggy Judd and Family

I was honored to meet a dear sister who was Pres. Faust's daughter-in-law a few years ago. I remember how she shared her love for her father. I always loved to hear Pres. Faust speak and I loved his smile, but that day I began to love and appreciate him for the awesome father he was. We are so very sorry for the sadness and loss you must all be feeling and we thank you so much for allowing this special man in your lives to be such a special man in all of our lives.

Flia Larreal

Lamentamos la perdida fisica, pero sus enseanzas quedarn viva en nuestros recuerdos familiares y para toda la Iglesia. Nuevamente agradecemos a Jesucristo por la maravillosa resurecci


He was a great and humble man. Not many people understand how beautiful and rare that combination is. The life he led is a testimony of the Savior and President Faust's great example of love will always touch my heart. May his family receive great strength and faith at their time of great loss.

Denise Demers

I echo all these comments of love and gratitude for Pres Faust! My love and prayers also go out to his family. His gentle love and concern for all of us has truly been felt by me. Many of his words have studk with me and I try to change my life to be more in accordance with them.

betty rice-Alabama

A Stalwart Church member has just returned home.
We will continue to love his great counsel and
reflect upon his words for guideance.
My love and best wishes to his family.

Norrita Sanders Nampa ID

I turn the BYU channel on each morning for devotional.Pres Faust just gave one of the most meaningful talks of my life and then came the announcement of his passing Your family is in my thoughts and prayers this day May the Savior comfort you as he promised


Pres. Faust is the first general authority with whom I had the opportunity to shake hands. He came for a mission conference in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1993. His love and concern for the Saints and the missionaries was clearly evident. The blessing he pronounced upon the people was unforgettable. He will be missed.

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