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Published: Friday, Aug. 10 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Leo & Whitney

We had a nice Family Home Evening reading about President Faust and looking at some pictures of him. We are grateful for his life of service and love.

Kristina Benson

President Faust was a very inspiring leader and I always liked his talks that he gave in general conference and also when it was his turn to give the first presidancy messange in the ensigns. He will be missed so very much. In family Home Evening tonight we read one of his talks from gerneral confernce about forgivness he really took the gospel to heart when he spoke

crelyn santos

I know the Lord luv us so much because he gave pres. James E. Faust as one of our good leader in our true church.We have a full gratitude for those lovely example of Pres. James E. Faust..

KoLo & TiFFaNy TauFa

President James.E.Faust was a loved mab, who touched the heart of many people. His words was a inspiration to alot of people.He will be greatly missed. Express my great love and my thoughts are with his family at this time. May the lord bless his family.

Gilberto Getulio RS Brasil

Esse grande homen fez enorme diferena na vida de muitos irmos brasileiros, ser sempre um forte referencia a buscar ser santos.
Seu testemunho ecoar para a eternidade.


james e. faust fue un gran ejemplo a seguir,era un hombre digno y le veremos junto al padre cuando sea el momento de estar todos como una gran familia ...

Aaron-- Washington DC

President Faust's words influenced my life more than any other person's in recent years. God bless all of us who he left behind.

Terry Bowers

I had the privilege of meeting him in person on one occasion and knew I had been in the presence of a great man. Heaven will be a little better place with him there. May God bless his family.

Marcus G. Faust

On behalf of the entire Faust family we want to thank each of your for your thoughtful expressions of love for our father. He was a great man who blessed thousands of lives. The Faust family has been overwhelmed by the thousands of messages we have received from all over the world. We thank you and please know that we have been comforted by your words.

Faithfully yours,

Marcus G. Faust

Lyle Gilbert

President Faust was a worthy example to us all.

Kiriyenko Dmitriy

I really can't beleive I see a McDonalds banner inside the article.
It's horrible!
Don't you respect this person and his death enough?


I didn't know the man but this is surely a lovely tribute. Seeing how many lives he influenced here says more about him than even his own funeral.


We'll miss you...thank you for your life of service..


I will miss his words of wisdom, his intelligence and knowledge of the gospel and his firm teachings to help us become better members of the church. May the Lord continue to bless Sis. Faust and the whole family as they mourn the loss of a loved one. Pres. Faust was surely a man of God. I will miss hearing your voice during General Conference. You will be surely missed but your teachings will always be within our hearts. Thank you Pres. James E. Faust for your love, example and everything you have done and shown to us as members.

Flor Ramirez

We'll miss you...thank you for being such a really good witness of Christ. As President Thomas S. Monson said "We will see you tomorrow".

Wilson Taveira

I shall miss you and I shall never forget the lesson you gave me on the importance of giving. You had things in this life but you gave your life for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kerisa Milligan

I am very impressed on how well President Faust handled his trials in this life and how much he has been a wonderful example to all of us because of how much he loved the Savior and the gosple.

Watila Ant�nio Gon�alves

I loved Pres. Faust with all my heart and I will miss his inspiring, wise talks. I learned a lot from his teachings. His life was an example of love for the gospel of our Savior. One of my goals was to see him one day, but his death won't prevent me from seeing him because I know that I will see him again, then I will hug him and say that he was a strong example in my life. I will miss Pres. James.

nery martinez

precidente faust siempre sera recordado por sus discursos tan edifincantes y porque con ellos muchos nos ayudamos y tambien porque a pesar de que no estaba bien de salud simpre estaba en las conferencias generales

Millie Knox

President Faust is a very important man. He influenced many. When we are obedient to our Heavenly Father the possibilities are endless. President Faust received many blessings before his temporal passing and he shall receive many more in the times to come.

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