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Published: Friday, Aug. 10 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I will always remember and be grateful for Pres. Faust's high regard, respect and love for the women of the Church. His gentle nature and humility are a great example to me.


We were at the Idaho Falls airport about 10 years ago. President Faust was leaving to return to Salt Lake and we spotted him in the terminal. All four of our kids shook his hand, and he spoke to each one individually. Our youngest son was about 9 years old at the time. President Faust pulled him close to him and gave him a big hug. This same son is entering the MTC in two weeks. President Faust was a wonderful example to all of us.

Wilma Aebischer

Our family sends our love and Prayers to Sister Faust and her family. We have been led by a great man, and the best we can do to remember him, is to live our lives as he has taught by example as well as counsel.

Shaun Williams

I along with the church mourn the passing of a great and noble man of God, I will miss him and extend my thoughts and prayers to his family. may we all take comfort in the words of the Hymn "We thank thee O God for a Prophet", Thus on to eternal perfection the honest and faithful will go..

chris Hughes

He just gave a lovely conference address. He lived every day with dignity to the end.

Megan Whitaker

He was gentle man. He always had kinds words to say and never thought of himself. I will miss him a lot. I send out my most heart felt love and prayers for sister Fuast and her family. He can never be replaced in my heart. I loved his words of kindness and I will miss him very much.

The Weis Family

We will miss President Faust. He has been such a wonderfull example to the members of the church, and many others. I love listening to all of our leaders, but he was allways one of my favorites to hear from in General Conference.
Our prayers are with the family, and to those who were close to him. May you have comfort at this time of loss, President Faust is a great man and will allways be remembered.
Love, The Weis Family

Mary - Arizona

I was a little saddened, and yet felt a peace in my heart, at the same time because I know where his spirit now resides and he is actively engaged in the work on the other side of the veil. He has simply moved to the next stage of his eternal existence. My prayers go to his family that they are comforted at this time and may feel the peace of the Lord.

The Roberts Family

We Thank President Faust for he and his family, for sharing with the world such a wonderful kind gentle man. We meet him once when he put his kind hands on each cheek of our son and told him he was a very choice spirit. We will never forget his last conference talk about forgiveness, how grateful we are to have felt of his spirit, and to know of his witness and testimony of Jesus Christ. Our prayers are with you Sister Faust and your family.
We will miss him greatly.
Love, The Roberts


We will miss President Faust. His last General Conference address is legendary and will take its place among the church's greatest sermons. Our prayers are with his family. We send our love

Kathy Herren

Pres. Faust had the most loving voice that I ever heard. He made me feel the spirit of the Lord when he spoke. We will miss him. Our prayers go to his wife and family.

Elizabeth Bednar Clark

We are saddened by the passing of this dear, noble servant of God. He touched many lives, and he was an immediate 'favorite' of my husband and myself, both converts to the Church. Even though we have never met him, we feel as though we've lost a dear friend. Thank you, and the Lord bless you, President Faust. We extend our condolences to his loved ones. 'Till we meet again...

Allen Family -Provo

We will miss President Faust. We loved his example of humility and kindness. We hope to live up to your teachings.

Perez Family

HE Was Loved And By Meny Those here on Earth and Those In The Heavens!!! He is missed here and welcome Their!!! Our thoughts and preyers are with his Friends, Family and loved ones!!!
we will miss him very much!!
The Perez Family


He was a great man and apostle. He always spoke with the spirit. I will miss him very much. His family will always be in my prayers.


Thank you President Faust for your spirit, inspiring words, and gentle example. We love you, and will miss you.

Alan - Arizona

My wife and I are saddened with the news of the passing of President Faust. Our prayers are with his family.

Lynn & Julie Anderson

President Faust will forever inspire us to a better life on this earth.....and we look forward, with great anticipation, to our meeting in the Hereafter should we live our lives as he has exemplified.

Ron & Harmke VanLeuven

We were awed and appreciative of your counsel. We remember with great joy your last conference address on foregiveness: a classic. This address has already had great use in our lessons and in our lives and in the lives of our children.
May the Lord bless your family as they struggle without your immediate love and concern.

Melva McKenzie

President Faust. Thank you for your kind,gracious, humble life. We love you. We will miss you.

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