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Published: Friday, Aug. 10 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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M�rcio Soares

Eu o amo sinceramente.
Homem simples, tinha grande amor pelo Brasil.
Seu exemplo e ensinamentos mudaram minha vida
I testify that his man is a apostle of the son of God.
Oro para que possamos nos encontrar novamente.
Pres. Faust.

Scott M.

We will deaply miss President Faust,but will continue to feel his love, through the service
to the Lord that he has rendered on earth and will continue to do so through the eternities.
My blessings and prayers to the Faust Family.

Jordan Munden

I will always remember President Faust. He was a member of the First Presidency that I grew up with. I will miss that great, loving, intelligent man and his great testimony and dedicated service to the Lord. His family is in my thoughts and prayers..

Bullock Family

The following text message from our 19 yr old daughter demonstrates his influence on those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and follow a servant of our living God: "President James E Faust passed away early this morning. Take a few minutes today to remember our beloved apostle and his family".


Your word will live on in my heart. I pray I can live up to all I have learned from you. Thank you President Faust.

Sam Delis

I had the honor to hear his conference address on "Forgiveness." I will never forget the message that he delivered that day. May the Lord bless Pres. Faust for all he has done on the Earth and my He also bless his family during this time. Obrigado Presidente eu e Brasil fomos muito abencoados com seu exemplo e esprito.

Meledie Knopf

Dearest Faust Family,

I thank the Lord for the precious spirit we all were blessed with when President Faust became a part of our lives. How deeply loved he was by me and likewise will be missed. May the Comforter bless you with peace during this time of sorrow knowing he stands with the Lord's anointed.


He will be missed. He is a wonderful man with so much wisdom. He was a great example. I pray for comfort for his family and their loss.

Rachel White

Another wonderful missionary returns home. My thoughts and prayers are with the Faust family at this time. What a blessing it is to know that Families are Forever. I know that the truth of the Gospel will bring the Faust family comfort at this difficult time. Death is not the end.

Ed Deusenberry

President Faust is the only apostle I have ever met. Two weeks after I was called to be a Bishop, in the Trona Ward, in Trona Ca. President Faust came to reorganize out Stake. He interviewed me at that time talking like we were old friends. I realized later, that I had had a worthiness interview, without knowing it was happening. I always wanted to conduct interviews like that. Our prayers are certainly with his family at their time of grief.


God Bless Pres. James E. Faust, He was a Man of God and I am thankful to have been able to be taught by him. His missionary work moves forth in the spirit world.


recuerdo su ltimo discurso,aprendi mucho de l, es un hombre maravilloso,un gran ejemplo para todos,Dios lo bendiga, oramos por su familia,gracias por todas sus enseanzas Presidente Faust, le amamos.

Michael Bolingbroke

I loved President Faust. I will always remember how sad he felt about not filling the wood box for his Grandmother Mary. He said: "I feel ashamed of myself and have regretted my omission for all of my life. I hope someday to ask for her forgiveness." I know they have embraced and she has forgiven him. I will miss this great man.

Craig Rollins

Our family has known the Fausts for over 40 years. They are the salt of the earth. We love them and our hearts and prayers are with them.

Glen Larson - Springfield, MO

President Faust was a wonderful gracious caring leader, always concerned about people. I recall working with him on a Conference held in Miami, Florida where he presided. He personally asked me for a list of people to thank who put the meeting together. He had a great love for the Latin people who understood their needs. Always praising and kind to bring out the best in people. It seems like yesterday 1978 he become an Apostle and Special Witness for the Lord, his clarion testimony will be greatly missed. The last Single Adult Fireside he gave a remarkable address, down to earth and humble inspite of his mortal weaknesses, he lifted all Spirituallly even when not able to physically to do the lifting.

Aaron and Sara LuBean family

Our thoughts and prayers are with President Faust's family at this time. He was a wonderful example and will be greatly missed.

Teresa Matsui

President Faust will be truly missed here. His teachings and the Love reflected in all that he has done as well as in the music lyrics to the Song "This is the Christ" His testimony has touched so many of us through that song. What a powerful and yet, loving message he has left and shared with us all- I hope to be such a great person as he is. God Bless President James E. Faust.

Kristie Rudd Liston

My father died about 6 weeks ago. President Faust, even though he was very ill, sent a letter of sympathy to our family. We will always cherish the words of comfort he gave us.
He was a great friend and my kids remember eating Jello with him on my parents patio....
He was a wonderful example to me and my children.

Francisco de Assis Souza

Quando o Presidente Faust serviu como missionrio de tempo integral ele lanou alicerces slidos do evangelho em Curitiba. Depois disso, manteve sempre seu carinho especial pelo povo de nossa cidade. Sentiremos muito a falta do Presidente Faust na dedicao do templo que est sendo construdo em Curitiba.

Brian H.

Thank you for your life, President Faust. You will be missed. Your words and teachings are an indelible and integral part of all that this Church and its work means to me. I have not known the Church without your leadership. Thank you for always, through your words and example, pointing me to the Savior. I suppose the best way to offer my appreciation is to continue to carry the work of the Church forward in my own little corner of this beautiful world. Adieu.

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