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Published: Friday, Aug. 10 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Eden Moura

I have the good fortune of being a member of the Oakton, Virginia Ward, where Marcus Faust, Pres. Faust's son is the Bishop. I never had a chance to meet Pres. Faust in person, but knowing his son, daughter-in-law, grandson and other close family members, it is clear that only a very special man could have raised such a wonderful family. My family loves Bishop Faust, Susan, John, Catherine and the whole lot. They are great people, and I believe, a literal expression of all that was best in the man. We will miss you Pres. Faust. Our thoughts are with you Bishop and family.

Silvia Castro Vowles (Argentina)

EL cielo es bendecido y enriquesido hoy.
You will be missed but never forgotten.
Gracias Pte.Faust what an inspiration to all us

Sister Jessica Solomon

President Faust, I love you so much. You will be in my heart forever!

Brian Miller

A true man of God has been called home today to continue His work. I shed tears upon hearing the news. May I live to be an ounce of what this man was. I love you, Pres. Faust.

Rebecca Barnum

What a great man. He will be missed. I love his stories and gentleness.

Randy K

Thank you.


I love President Faust, and am so sad to lose his presence on this earth. He was a gentle man, a man of integrity and I loved to hear him speak. He was also impeccably dressed at all times, and this showed his reverence for his calling. My prayers and sympathy to his family.

Heidi Vetter

I remember shaking President Faust's hand when I was a very young girl(He came to our stake conference).This very small gesture showed me that I, a very small girl, deserved his attention. I have loved him for that ever since. He was a great man. To his family: Thank you for sharing him with us. He will be missed.

Barbara Thornton

What a wonderful and touching tribute for a man so many knew and loved! I will miss his gentle leadership!

The B. Speth Family

Our hearts and prayers go to Sister Faust and their family. We know Father in heaven will send the comforter. We loved President Faust. The Lord has called home one of His Elect and we will miss him.

E. Famoso

El era el ejemplo singular del regran del Presidente John Taylor, "El Reino de Dios o Nada." Gracias por su maravillosa vida, Presidente Faust.

Scott Keith

I have had the opportunity to meet Pres. Faust on several occasions, his son Marcus was in my ward and I went to school with a couple of his grandchildren. He was a great man, a role model for how a father and husband should be. He will truly be missed, my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Urness Family

We love and appreciate President Faust divinely inspired messages and the love he has for the gospel and for all of us. We appreciate his example and his family for sharing their lives with us. Our prayers and deepest appreciation are with Sister Faust and family.

The Jentzsch Family

President Faust was a great inspiration to all of us and his strong testimony of the Gospel never faultered. How we will miss him. Our love and prayers to his family. He will be deeply missed.

Charles Bates

If William W. Phelps, the composer of many LDS hymns, were alive today, he would write verse similar to 'Praise to the Man' for Brother James.

Steve T.

The true depth of Christianity and guile-less nature of his soul, along with his keen intellect, touched me deeply.

Brian Miller

A true man of God has been called home today to continue His work. I shed tears upon hearing the news. May I live to be an ounce of what this man was. I love you, Pres. Faust.

John Nilsson

My wife and I met President Faust at Hires Big H in Salt Lake City. He was relaxed, said hello, and shook my wife's hand after finishing his hamburger. A good man.

Silvia Toyos

He was a seventy when I had the opportunity to listen him (I was an missionary),at that time my english wasn't good,but that day I knew he was a servent of our Lord,he spoke in english but my mind received the Lord's message in my native language.
He is a great rold model for young people.

Bruce in Rexburg, ID.

He will be missed but he has been welcomed on the other side. There is no question in my mind that he is already hard at work continuing the Lords work there!

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