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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 8 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"Officials who spoke to the Deseret Morning News on the condition of anonymity identified the trapped miners"

Ironic isn't it?


081007 Airheads & AIRHOLES

Mine Rescue Mission

HEY Mine Rescue

You had a drill in the hole, clanging on it for about 8 hours before you rescued the only live miner at SAGO.

How much better would he be today if you had pumped air down that hole for that 8 hours. How many more live miners might you have found if you had pumped down AIR. At SAGO

FOR GODS SAKE, Please pump air down that 2 1/2in hole, It may or may not reach LIVE disabled miners , but TAKE A chance PLEASE, SHEEEEESH!!!!!!!!

Luv Yah PeeWee


My Husband is a coal minor here in Indiana and all we will say is there are more options to geting these minors out alive, and Mr. Murrury needs to get is head out is butt,if these minors where able to have a least gps on each person they would know with out a doubt where these men are. Thank about that,or is the money that important???? Explain that........

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