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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 8 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dr. Gene Nelson

Yahoo has 2:50 CSPAN-2 video of a contentious exchange between U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Bob Murray on June 28, 2007 regarding the January 15, 2006 Columbus Dispatch article. http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?rn=49750&cl=3662354&ch=68276&src=news

Mine owner and Senator argue about safety. Fri. August 10, 2007 9:54 PM ET - Watch as Robert Murray, the owner of the Utah mine where workers are trapped, testifies before a Senate committee about mine safety and then gets into a contentious exchange with Senator Barbara Boxer over Murray's safety record. (Aug. 10) See also AP's posting of this video at http://www.ap.org


Posted on Fri, Oct. 20, 2006

Two for the money

WASHINGTON - Millionaire coal magnate Bob Murray knew the name to drop in September 2002, when Mine Safety Health Administration inspectors confronted him about safety problems at his mines: Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Murray, a large man with a fierce temper, is a huge donor to Republican senators. McConnell, R-Ky., rose through the ranks by raising money for those senators. And McConnell is married to Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, whose agency oversees MSHA.

Shouting at a table full of MSHA officials at their district office in Morgantown, W.Va., Murray said: "Mitch McConnell calls me one of the five finest men in America, and the last I checked, he was sleeping with your boss," according to notes of the meeting. "They," Murray added, pointing at two MSHA men, "are gone."

Murray, in a recent interview, denied that he referred to McConnell "sleeping with" Chao.

But nobody disputes that district manager Tim Thompson, at one end of Murray's jabbing finger and the man whose notes recorded the meeting, was transferred to another region, away from Murray's mines. He appealed the transfer for three years until he grudgingly took retirement in January. Labor Department officials refuse to discuss his transfer.....

Search YouTube to view Rep. Chris Cannon's views on the Utah mine collapse.

Phyllis M

I think MR. Murray is correct in his statement regarding AL GORE and global warming

local 1248

Wake up America. murray is bad news for everyone. If you have a death wish, work for murray. If you like to be defiled, work for murray. murray is looking for another notch on his smoking gun.

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