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Crandall Canyon Mine

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 7 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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a concerned ex-miner

Bob murray has mines in southern illinois,one of those is where i used to work.The galatia north mine is shut down right now because of safety violations.When i worked for BM it was always footage before safety,we would be forced to run tagged out equipment and whatever it took to produce more coal.I have seen people get hurt underground due to unsafe conditions,yet it was always the persons fault,just like right now it is a earthquakes fault instead of the companies.I know people will think this is coming from a disgruntled employee,but that is not the case.I am very concerned for peoples lives due to being unsafe.If the workers complain about unsafe conditions they are told there is always fast food joints,I have this said myself.Bob Murray brainwashes his management to beleive the same way he does.In summary Bob Murray is nothing but a scab-operator who does nothing but rape and pilage old coal mines,with no concern about anything but fattening his pocketbook.

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