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Published: Friday, Sept. 8 2006 12:00 a.m. MDT

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First allow me to state that I do believe the LDS Church is true. I believe the truth of this Church is found in the truth, love, and fellowship of its members. I pray God will continue to bless this Church, and I pray for the leadership to receive clarity as to what God expects from them with respect to Mr. Steven Jones scientific opinion. Second, Id like for you to think about how frightening it is for us new members to believe that when we become a member of the LDS Church that we are not allowed to use our God given talents of discernment to have an OPINION other than the official one? That is just down right frightening.

re: Susan

I believe the issue is Mr. Jones is using his "God given talent" while being a representative of BYU. Even posting his "talents" on BYU's academic website. If he did all this outside of his academic arena I doubt any action would be taken.


I appreciate Steven Jones because he had the courage to speak the truth..Even though he was sent on a paid leave but still he is and will be appreciated throught history...God bless you...


Whatever his comments and theories, how does this fit in with his academic job? The bigger issue is that he is not spending his time doing the work he was hired to do.


Watch Zeitgeist and figure out the Mormon scam people. Joseph Smith was a 32nd degree Mason. Religion is a means of controlling the people and robbing from them. It's another form of government control and taxation. Open your minds people and think for yourselves. The Mormon church is a ridiculous fraud.


Shelly thank you for you opinion but is there any truth, can you prove it for a fact? Why do you want to go about saying this? It will hurt other people. The Mormon church is not a ridiculous fraud. And Joseph Smith is NOT a Mason. Would you please think about what you are saying, I know the mormon church is true and I find that offensive.


SO we should SHUT UP because "we will hurt other people" well Mr.Mormon can you prove that the mormon church is not a fraud? Can you prove god exist..? can you prove that man really did walk on the moon..? have you been to the moon and walked on it yourself...? hmmm....? my point is that we should all be open minded.live and let live....Mr. Mormon good luck to U...Shelby always speak your mind.

Extremely concerned earthling

The photo's of the steel girders melted by shape charges isn't enough?!!!

Dear... hmmmm...

You sound bitter. Perhaps you have some issues in your past that are unresolved. I pray you have the strength and courage to address them, heal and move on.


I am a mormon, and yes, joseph smith as many other church leaders were masons.


So were the founding fathers.

Mount Zerin
Syracuse, UT

I would invite all to do research on 9/11. I appreciate this BYU professor's courage!

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