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Shurtleff part of effort to protect youths from cyber-harassment

Published: Friday, Aug. 18 2006 12:00 a.m. MDT

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i am truely horified to see stories of children that have committed suicide because of other children thinking it is ok to play around and "have fun on the computer". Adults needs to be more careful and secure about what their children do online, Make sure your children are not doing anything you would not allow or something against the law!!!


i am in debate annd i had to do a speach and i did it one bullying .After i did i was so moved on how this can happen every day i want to know the most i can so that i can move people to lision and wake up and relise that it hurts and that i gose farthere then a shove in the hallway and stealing lunch money . So i give my confurt to all those who lose there children to these bullying attacks . i want to voice that this is a sseruise problem


it just blows my mind how people can be so mean


Wow is all I can say nobody should have to go through something so bad. It truly upsets me. I know if it happened to me I freak out.

jerica england

hey i'm sorry for what thought people did to you ! I have the same problem. and i dont' like being bully or cyberbullyed. well thanks for listwening and i hope that the people who did this get put in pain


i wonder if the people that do thios stuff and sleep well knowing what they done and i feel really bad for the parents that have to bury there kids because some idiotwant to make fun os some one because there to unsure about ther self and i hope they burn in hell for what they did!!!!


I'm sorry for the people who are cyberbulliyed, I'm currently doing a project on it and what people do is just atrocious! Who could ever hurt someone like that! :'(


wow, i never knew that little words could do so much!!!!:'[


Thats so sad. I would have been freeked out!!!! <:'(

becky anderson

I feel tottaly sorry for that kid.

ronell holmes

what happened to here i understand what she went threw

anqulisha evans

awwwww..... that is so sad

Not surprising

Children are cruel to each other. Most adults don't get this and have given children more tools to do what they do best...


I think it's wrong and mean. I'm glad I don't have a Myspace or a Facebook personally. I hope everyone who has one doesn't get bullied anymore because that is just horrible!! Poor people.


i think that this is an unfair case. THESE KIDS WHO DID THIS TO HER NEED TO GO TO PRISOn. this way people will learn to treat people the way they wanna be treated

Adina Deramus

I think people should treat each other the way they wanted to be treated. That's crazy that you have the time to get on the computer and just look up the person you don't like and send them a mean e-mail. Who ever does that have no life.

im watching

it is really mean to do such a thing and those who do it will pay


what the heck is wrong with people now days... seriously these people should have some respect for others, stop puting someones life in danger... we are americans and we need to grow up


people are only using the internet to bully because they dont have enough courage to do it in person. the web is there escape or way of opening their mouth. Its wrong and these people need to grow up.

Learning from society

These children are just doing what they have been taught.

Everyday we are told that majority rules and might makes right.

These kids are just living by that credo.

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