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Letter asks members to air support for restrictions on lawful marriage

Published: Saturday, May 27 2006 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I would argue that these comments are being censored since I am the first person to comment on a controversial story that is two years old. What action is currently being taken in California now that the court has overturned the ban?


You are confused.

The states are passing amendments to each state constitution so the crazy liberal judges can make their own laws.


Preserve the family unit of a man, woman, children, and if the gay population wants to have something similar to marriage, then they should start thinking of calling it something besides marriage, and states should give them some sort of way to have benefits such as insurance that will be similar to what married couples get. NO marriage of gays, but they can be....united, and it would mean the same to the government and for benefits purposes. Stop messing with marriage, it's for a man and woman.

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