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Published: Sunday, April 16 2006 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What happened to the follow-up articles? I can't find them in the archives.


this is really a wake up call...wow... people need to be ready for this...i dont know how it will be...but i hope god can help us endure this, we have to be prepared.


This freaks me out so bad! there is supposed to be something about the eathquake on the news tomorrow night at nine.Watch it


I am soooo aware of earthquakes now it is kinda scary if u ask me...


The Chinese were warned decades ago that they should build to stricter seismic codes by Soviet Geologist. Then came this year's earthquake there, killing thousands in schools.

The Soviets also cut corners on building codes, & underestimated the potential size of earthquakes in Armenia, an area with soft soil like along the Wasatch Fault. 25,000 died there.

Then, this year's quake in Wells, Nevada. How would Salt Lake hold up in just a 6.0 earthquake like this? Stone & brick buildings would get into serious damage at that point.


Mormons really are stupid. Build the temple and city right on a fault line. Yeah, God really told that Joseph Smith the right place to build! LOLOLOL. In the end, a cult gets exactly what it deserves.


Yeah Uhm the earthquake has not happened yet you realize that right.
So how can you say how much damage there was.
That is quite impossible to say how many it killed when it did not happen.
by the way I live in utah in SLC so yes I would know if it happened.



You clearly don't understand Mormon history. Joseph Smith was dead long before the Momron's arrived in Utah. Point two, The Salt Lake temple is not built exaclty on the fault line ( I know, I live here. ) I do, however, live on the fault line more or less until I complete my schooling here.

The Salt Lake Temple was built at a geologicaly sound place, so the temple should be fine when the big one goes off, however, the only reason the temple could be destroyed is if the Mormons desicrated the temple in which case it would be destroyed regardless where it was built; but, a slong as the temple is not desicrated it should be fine.

We'll see.


The foolish man built his house upon the sand.

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