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Fumarase Deficiency afflicts 20, is linked to marriages of close kin

Published: Thursday, Feb. 9 2006 12:00 a.m. MST

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I do want everyone to know that this is not just a disease that is from imbreeding like a lot of these articles make it sound. My child has fumarase deficiency and my husband and I are no where related. I carry one mutated gene and he carries a completely different one. Had we known this ahead of time, we probably would not of had children. However, these children in these communities did not do anything to deserve what they are going through and do deserve adequate health care. We have private insurance for my daughter, but I don't think taking away support for these other children will solve the problem.


Religion has nothing to do with this. This is a matter between right and wrong. A child of 15 yr old should not be forced to have sex with a man of any age. The world will be harsh with realities soon enough. This brings to mind the puppy mills that just keep breeding until birth defects arise. The reason it is against the law is because it is sick. All you defenders think about it... would you allow this if it were your little girl???


AMEN Ankhorite!!


There have been many women and men run away from/come out of the LDS or FLDS Church. The one in Utah, and the community in Kansas are polygamists and they do abuse thier children. One man often has 4 or 10 wives and 8-20 children. Since they are a small community they are all related now and so they are having birth defects. They have to have a different cemetery just to bury the children because they die so often from the birth defects. Google Flora Jessup, and look at the synopsis of the episodes for Secret Lives of Women (on WE tv). Look for Polygamy.


I had the thought that now that Warren Jeffs has 'apparently' decreed (from prison) that only 15 men are approved to father any children at YFZ that this is only going to increase the incidence of Fumarase Deficiency. The same article also said that there must now be 2 male 'witnesses' to any sexual act. This isn't religion, it's perversion and these misguided people have bought into it. I suspect that many would like to leave but aren't able to.

No, I'm NOT a Mormon.

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