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Fumarase Deficiency afflicts 20, is linked to marriages of close kin

Published: Thursday, Feb. 9 2006 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tansay Jimmie Redhorse!

Don't these white people and their religions make you laugh sometimes.

Through polygamy, rape and incest the young children become unknown victims. And to think we use to let the white churches take our native children away to learn and become like them! Our shame is deep now.

Mother earth has a cruel sense of humor.

Don't call me a lamanite, that ship has sailed already my friends. I am a Cree man.


Welfare cha ching

They preach to "Bleed the Beast", in other words, to take as much from society as possible.

Those seriously ill children have no legal father, their moms dont work... who the heck do you think pays for their high medical bills?

Yeah you, look in the mirror! You support this atrocity!

From the Wiki....

Fumarase deficiency is extremely rare. Until a few years ago scientists knew of only thirteen cases worldwide. However, recently twenty additional cases have been documented in the border towns of Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah. These two towns constitute a closed and controlled community, and were settled in the 1930s by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is a breakaway sect COMPLETELY unaffiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As such, many of the surrounding communities refer to this disease as "Polygamist's Down's"

The fumarase deficiency gene has become very common in this community, due to the practice of INBREEDING. It is believed that either Joseph Smith Jessop, one of the founders of the communities, or his wife carried the gene and passed it on to their descendants.

The populations of Colorado City and Hildale are examples of the founder effect.

SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because...

Just want to say I agree with Texas responding to this situation as well as the comment about abuse being claimed as a religion, therefore being 'okay'. Abuse is wrong...using children, women with no means of other support, into a type of 'sex business' is abominable. If these people are playing like they are married and yet claiming the women are single & using children to collect welfare...that is fraud. Polygomy is not allowed in our country...that is illegal. We see programs about other countries in the plight of trafficing young males & females in a sex trade, as well as children and are asked to support programs to help, yet here in our own country there is a mess similar to this going on. The legalities of this whole situation needs to be addressed and acted upon. If you could chose a life for your child, would you chose a physical or mental handicap? Think not. The children with these handicaps deserve better and it is a shame that prenataly they are not being protected by loving parents...that is called neglect. So much prenatal education available. These people know they are breaking the laws...act.


it kind of makes me sad that these FLDS members don't realize what they're doing is wrong. that may be a personal opinion, but i think it's just about everyone's personal opinion. I sure wouldn't want to put my children through the pain of having the mental issues many of these children are getting. In a way, its a form of abuse. These problems could be prevented if these people would just marry outside of their family.


"Bleed the Beast," is what the polygamist say when they steal from federal, state or local taxpayers. They have little choice but to marry within the cult, because they don't trust outsiders, especially men. They fully intend to breed their own future believers. It doesn't look like from this article that this tactic is going to work over the long run.

The problem could affect the future for our descendants. As this cult fails and members spread themselves through the general population, they will take this gene that they have carefully bred through the past century and pass it on to the innocent. It seems a lot like AIDS where the guilty were protected because they wanted to continue their practices at all cost. Because of their own perversion, they care nothing about the rest of the population.


The government needs to move in on these FLDS and their immoral polygamy practices. Slavery was abolished long ago. These people make me darn right sick! This is America, and this stuff has been going on for far too many decades. It's time to clean up America, and put some lusty fellows into the slammer.

Fumarase deficiency

is the least of the defects the males in FLDS harbor

Just Me

I find it laughable that anyone would say that these communities are "taking good care" of these handicapped children. I know for a fact that the majority of these children are left in rooms and forgotten, or given "cupboard" cures which they feel will heal the child: making bigger problems than before. Child abuse runs rampant in the FLDS community and will continue to do so because there is no clear cut way to expose it completely. I expect it is easier to be neglectful and abusive to a mentally challenged child who is incapable of crying out for help. Why does everyone try to pin rainbows and roses on a situation that continues to foster damaged people?


To Ill 12:14
Ask any woman if she would kike multiple husbands...

While I do not go around asking that question, my observations over a period of years in several locations make me believe the answer must be YES by some.

I have observed married women "sleeping with" or maybe it is called "swinging", "haveing a night out" or one of a numer of other terms used to indiciate having sex with multiple guys, some of them legally their husbands, some not. Pologamy (which I do not support any more than the others) at least on the surface calles it what it is, sex with multiple partners. Would any woman admit wanting more than one husband- Yes, I think they have demonstrated that answer contrary to your opinion.

Maybe I will have to start asking an appropriate question to all the ladies I meet in the airport.


This is a topic people are very passionate about. I am not a member of the LDS Church but am close with many who are. Mainstream LDS members denounce Polygomy. No question.
What the FLDS community essentionally does is allow a man to legally marry one woman AND have several mistresses. This is morally repugnant, but not illegal.
The only issue that can be prosecuted is child abuse. The investigation is being hampered by members lying about relationships and ages. This opens the door to prosecute obstruction.
Everything else is beyond legal reach. Even the circumstances that have led to this terrible birth defect. I have a child with Autism so I am not being ignorant or hurtful to those effected. I can only pray that God will guide law enforcement to find any and all forms of child abuse AND have the wisdom to help these children heal. This is a phenomenal task. I hope the nation can focus it's energy on what can be done here, which is guarantee the safty of the children. Everything else is just noise at this point.


Does anyone know if the children and women that are getting DNA testing, have any possibility of getting tested also for fumarase deficiency disease..the gene pool disease? All that is required is a simple urine sample test BUT the testers must know what they are looking for.
If not who may we contact?????




The sins of the father are visited upon the sons. So sad.

God bless Texas!


I also don't care what consenting adults do, but they should be ashamed to call this christianity. They should all be arrested for sexual abuse of a child. Make their compound a prison. The men are clearly pediphiles. The mothers are just as guilty and the men. Has anybody seen any teenage males in all this? Where are they???


I am not associated with either church. However, I have worked with homeless youth for many years and have found that the numbers of LDS kids who are thrown out of their homes and into the streets because they took part in the usual rebellious activities that teenagers partake in is EXTREME!!! I don't care who you are, if your religion dictates that you should only love your children when they obey, then you should not be having children. You should definitely not be having LOTS of children as both FLDS and LDS families do. Both religions are disgusting to me because of the neglect and abuse their children suffer. I knew one girl from an LDS family whose parents tied her to her bed for over a week to keep her from seeing her boyfriend, and many others who were cast off for being gay. The FLDS may be more extreme, but both religions are sick in that they don't allow parents to LOVE their children for who they are.


Obviously you have a pretty narrow field of vision. People are people and raise their children how they feel appropriate no matter what religion they come from. There are plenty of parents who are abussive to their children whom are NOT of the LDS or FLDS faith. I happen to know for a FACT that members of the LDS faith are taught from birth to be loving of everyone, especially their own children. As for having many children, I grew up in a family with 5 children and would not want it any other way. In my oppinion, large families are more fun, and I plan on having 5 children at least. It it not a commandment in the LDS church to have many children, they simply preffer it that way. People have agency in all things. We are made aware of the consiquences and are free to choose for ourselves to make that choice anyway, and should not be suprised or react bitterly when that consiquence follows. Polygamy is illegal, bottom line. And yet these people still practice it in this country. They are seperate from the LDS faith and should not be associated with them at all.


I find it somewhat unsettling that your plan to have at least 5 children of your own is based on your memory of a fun childhood in a big family. having kids is a huge responsibility, and your first priority should be wether you have enough resources (financial, time, patience etc) to raise a well-adjusted child. One child requires alot of sacrifice, i dont think you should think of something so important in terms of the amount of fun you perceive it to be, that kind of mindset indicates egocentrism, which you cannot afford as a parent.

I do not support/agree with the teachings of LDS or FLDS at all but i think we could all benefit from taking a step back and bearing in mind that group influence/processes sometimes operate at a higher level than individual thinking. there is lots of fundamental attribution error going on here and it would be myopic to condemn any member of the religion, after all they probably do not know any better. please have a look at the zimbardo study or asch study on conformity to have a better understanding of situational influences.

H Rudr

Polygamy is not the cause of any disease. Inbreeding is the cause of many genetic diseases. You get a group of people paranoid about everyone around them and what you get inbreeding. Same thing happened ( and still happening)to some germans that immigrated to south america and lived there in isolated communities.


The reason LDS people get blamed for FLDS behavior is that LDS politicians - and the LDS community as a whole - have done NOTHING to put a stop to this. Utah and Arizona's law enforcement structure protects interstate trafficking of women and girls for forced marriage, rape, and forced breeding.

Utah & Arizona do nothing to prosecute or at least discipline the FLDS nurses who see the child abuse and fail to report it. Utah & Arizona have done nothing to increase the MISDEMEANOR penalty for abandoning male children as young as 12 - the "lost boys." Utah & Arizona have done nothing to investigate or prosecute the high rate of infant and child deaths, some without death certificates and in unmarked graves, which may be a result of genetic disease or of neglect of disabled children or unwanted boys.

The welfare fraud gets everyone excited. Where's the excitement about the trafficking, rape, abandonment, and neglect of the children? How dare any law enforcement official claim they don't have the resources to look into this? The LDS community - all voters - should stop being passive and embarrassed and start being enraged and active. Clean this up!

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