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Fumarase Deficiency afflicts 20, is linked to marriages of close kin

Published: Thursday, Feb. 9 2006 12:00 a.m. MST

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Well, DUH!!


I don't care about the Polygamy or the incest
as long as they are adults
and it is consensual.
what does bother me is they
are getting welfare, if
we were to end the welfare
to the whole FLDS comunity
maybe they would change
there ways.


Well, geez, Matt. We didn't all come from just polygamists. It started with Adam and Eve. But, according to your reasoning, we should "love" and "embrace" everyone. So, I will now run up to the first pedophile I see and give him a big hug. I hope I can find a list of those who are into child pornography so I can E-mail my love to them. Would it not just be wonderful if a child-sex offender moved in next door so my children and I could take over some cookies? Thanks for your enlightenment.


I feel very sorry for these children and those who have to take care of them. That said, the FLDS broke off from the main body of the church about a century ago, maybe less. They certainly have nothing whatsoever to do with the modern LDS church. The problem isn't polygamy. Frankly, what consenting, non-related adults do in their bedroom is none of my business. However, anyone who has the time for more than one partner, be they polygamists, swingers, or cheaters, really needs a hobby because they clearly have too much time on their hands. The problem is abuse and inbreeding, and this is what led to Warren Jeffs being placed, rightfully, on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List.

Re: Brother Murphy

Please, don't blame your ignorance on God. Come out of your spiritual slumber already.


educate me. Am I understanding this that they collect WELFARE? Are MY tax dollars paying for this??!!


If polygamy is against the law, how then are they legally able to draw welfare?

Just Pondering

Massgirl, you didn't think they were being supported by fast offerings and tithing, did you?

There's no industry in Hilldale/Colorado City. and I'm betting none in the Texas community. They don't speak with outsiders, and none of the women work outside the home. What other way do they have to support huge families, with disabled children, except that you and I pay for it with tax dollars. That's what got Tom Green in trouble - public aid fraud. Of course they collect welfare!


massgirl - Unfortunately you are correct. There are quite a bit of articles available on the internet, which explain how this works. Since these marriages are not legal, the women are able to claim to be single mothers to NUMEROUS children and get quite a lot of welfare. I won't acuse them of getting rich off it, but many of the articles say they are.

I find it interesting and very enlightening that in this way they show their true colors. They don't respect the government and claim not to be bound by the same laws as everyone else, but they are more than willing to 'play the system' when it is to their advantage.

Personally I view this as an extreme level of hypocrisy. That's just me though.


stop the weldare--i would think this is within the law if you do not chose to educate your children properly-no access to books or even a library never mind state testing for school aged children. The welfare cycle will never end without an education to support yourself.


"Please keep in mind you are talking about real people. 'Intellectual Disability' is much better than 'retarded.'"

However, the official diagnosis is "Mental Retardation." "Intellectual Disability" is just a politically-correct term and not a diagnosis. Mental Retardation is the correct term to use (and it is the term psychologists use when they diagnose someone with mental retardation).

Terry Hatcher

No child deserves to be born with such disabilities.

I understand that even in the mainstream LDS culture there is so much in-breeding that it has given rise to trends in birth defects that are higher among LDS than other populations.

All the more reason why missionary work is SO IMPORTANT!

If that is so, then why do Church leaders focus so much on marrying within the religion? Genetically, it would make more sense to encourage members to marry non-members so that the problems of in-breeding are no multiplied.

well, when you are . . .

isolated like that, these things tend to happen.


Rape can have punishment results...Thorns, if you will. Do we not punish our children if they are wrong....there are consequences...many natural ones. I believe God will punish those responsible. If not today...JUDGEMENT DAY!


The reason people will not get over it's because the man you call a true PROPHET stated all of this. If he was a life right now, he would belong to the FLDS church. They are a true mirror of the church he stated. I think it's about time you go back and research a little deeper. LDS stop the practice for now until the next life.

Messed - up Rogers Ar.

I can't believe we are facing this in this time in the world- Have they not learned anything? How can thy think marring and forcing a girl of 13 or 14 to have a baby is good for any one? What kind of messed up people are they? God help these poor people who think this is good. Satan has truly blinded the eyes of these people.

Watch your viewpoints

Any reason to intermarry, whether it is for royalty, or religion or geographic has the ability to create physical problems.
While we're at it, however, any reason to be separate from the general populace has the ability to create physical problems. Royalty: different diet, different problems than the general populace. (think 600 - 1800s). Religious: possibility of skewed metabolisms due to fasting. (Ramadan, perhaps?) Geographic: Smog in Big Cities, anyone?
On the argument 'they're children' do you know how many children die or are crippled in car accidents daily?
Way, way more than any little genetic disorder could do in a century.

dear Simple Genetics

Perhaps in the hillbilly clan you come from 80% of all of the marriages are first cousin or closer, but in the real world your figure is painfully off. Perhaps you can get a refund on that genetics degree.

Jimmie Redhorse

Native Americans identify themselves by a clan system (one from each parent). Natives know that intermarriage between close family members will cause a host of problems. Mainly birth defects. We are a warrior society and our wars introduced new genes into each nation i.e. capture of children and females (men were killed) diversified the native gene pool. Thought I would tell you our side.

dear Higher Law

The "highest Law" we live by is continuing revelation and direction from the Lord. There have been times when the Lord commanded polygamy to be practiced, most of the time not. When the President of the Church instructs that polygamy will not be practiced and individuals continue it is not "higher law"; it is ADULTERY. Polygamy has always been a readily abused and misinterpreted doctrine and now is no different. Read Jacob.

Perhaps family history leaves some with mixed emotions or clouded judgement on the subject when confronted by a horror show like Jeffs/FLDS. Rest assured that from a thousand miles away there is no confusion about the fact that FLDS is and has been monstrously wrong. The only confusion is over why Utah authorities have allowed the situation to continue for YEARS.

It is a blessing to the pitiful victims of FLDS that they were finally taken to a state where that confusion doesn't exist and authorities are willing to take action.

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