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Polygamous sect remains silent about its edifice in Texas

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 31 2006 12:00 a.m. MST

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Wow. This is an impressive accomplishment for a Church that has so few followers compared to the LDS Church.

deseretnews.com moderator

As several readers have noticed, this is a story from our 2006 archives. It was not printed in today's paper and it is not on our live site. It can only be found in archives and on the most popular list. Readers have been doing searches on Warren Jeffs and looking at the Warren Jeffs coverage to read past stories. That is how this story ended up on today's most popular list.


That pilot must not get out much. He thinks the temple is "breathtaking"? It looks like a box. An ugly one, at that. He should check out some real temples.

RE: Anonymous

...real temples? Like Ogden...yeah - that's a beautiful building...!!

It might not be as pretty....

But it is fashioned after other temples in Mormonism. They have the same beliefs that Mormonism used to have. What does that tell you folks? Anything? Maybe not, but you can probably guess what it tells the majority of folks not in Mormonism. Pretty clear and easy cut for us.


This article is from May, 2006. "Fugitive" Warren Jeffs? Why are we commenting?

past neighbor of polygamist

I used to think that the polygamist sects believed similar doctrine to what the Mormon church believes until I lived next to a polygamist for a few years. After some interesting conversations it soon became clear that most Christian religions are closer to Mormon doctrine both now and in the past than most polygamist sects. Claiming that doctrine is the same because building structure is similar doesn't make sense.

re: past neighbor

Thank you. I have found the same to be true.

Psychic Reader

I hope they find that Jeffs fugitive.

I predict in the future he will be pulled over by a cop (but not tazed), just outside Vegas, dressed as a tourist with large amounts of cash on him, he will be found guilty and receive a sentance of 2-5 years for arranging the marriage of a 14 year old girl...

I also see a defense attorney in a Bow Tie...

Oh, the Utah Utes will be held scoreless by both UNLV and BYU because they can't tackle, but they will beat UCLA which will make them Number 1 in all the land and people will flock to the U of U to bask in the glory of 2004 and quietly file past the former office of Urban Meyer to pay homage to the man who once sat at the desk.

Oh, and Kyle will grow his goatee back to start a winning streak, but will repent and shave after getting blown out by BYU.

It's fading away now...

That's all I've got.

To: Past Neighbor

I know that the beliefs are a lot closer now to Christian churches, but I have studied up on the subject and the beliefs of the FLDS now are similar to what the beliefs were in Mormonisms past. The practice of plural wives being necessary to "get to heaven" was the most striking similarity. Now the Mormons do not nessarily believe that, but they do perform "sealings" of multiple wives in the temple if the first wife is deceased. Thus, they believe in this still as it relates to the "after-life."


you shall know them by there fruits, Warren Jeffs a prophet?


they should get that Jeff whoever and lock him up for life end of story


I think it is sad the children were talken from their familys. I know we want to protect our children. I don't believe everyone was abusive to the children. The children and many of the people living there didn't know anyother live. In there mind all things were accepted. Is there anyway to educate this people in a peaceful way and kind way. I also have a hard time accepting these mothers letting their young boys leave before all this happen. Having any of my children leave my side for any reason while they are still young would just be horrible. To me there are so many unanswered questions.


You cannot be a polygamist lest you have multiple marriage certificates issued by the government. Where are the marriage license? Otherwise if it is a crime to have children by numeous different women a number of Spots stars would be in prision. I just heard the state is unable to find any "girl" under the age of 17 who has given birth. No wonder Texas has put a lid on statements. After the trumped up charge of child abuse based on broken bones was refuted as a statistically expected rate for children.


Did any one consider that maybe it WAS a hunting lodge at first? Then when people moved there it became a ranch. Terrible! Are people in Texas suppose to check in with the sheriff before moving here? If the government officals would quit going to the "EX-Wives" (anti-flds) of the flds and running with what they say as the gospel truth more innocent wouldn't get hurt. OL' Ross is just sore because he didn't make the grade. I have yet to here an "EX" say something that is the WHOLE truth.

sam zitting

i am from that religion and there is a lot of stuff that is wrong and a lot that is right it is just like a lot of things. u have got to pick out the good and leave the bad. and yes i am a so called ex. u should all just think about this for a moment if u were raised to think one way and to never ask y, how would u get out of that way of thinking?that is what i was taught since the day i was born is to never ask y and blind obedience now if the religion did not have anything to hide they should like us to ask questions right? if the prophet is the prophet he should be able to answer any question right? well talk to ya later.

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