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Published: Saturday, Jan. 28 2006 12:00 a.m. MST

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Enter namesheila

Bush did it I have never had any doubt.Besides the retired army generals were talking about the 1993 incident.AND they could not figure out why the government wanted those bombs placed in the towers.


All evidence points to USA had its hand in on 911 planning. But Bush is just a puppet, an electable pawn for those higher up who really run this country (or the world). If Bush was aware, I don't think he would have been sitting there looking as stupid as he did to the whole world.



I too believe that Bush and his people are involved in the 9/11 attacks. They are the biggest, most powerful and deadliest criminal organization in the USA today. But I doubt they will ever be indicted for their crimes and face the federal RICO acts they charge other organized criminals with. How they sleep at night is beyond me?!

S. R.

Bin Laden's group was the creation of the US adminstration to fight Soviets in Afganstan. I beleive there are good connections between that group and federal agencies, and all this operation was a coordination between teh US "Oil Cartel" including Bush family and the Bin Laden Family. If you investigate the consequences of 9/11, you will find out that after this tagic, resulted in the passing of the gas line from kazakhstan through Afganstan (instead of Chichinea to Russia) and this project was complected by Bactel, and guess who heads that company? On of the strong assocites of the Bush Family. Secondly This cartell laid a hand on one of the first resources in the world for gas and oil, IRAQ, and consequently other (gas & oil) rish countries in the region. Originally this plan was started by Bush the father and then carried by Bush the son.
I beleive it is time for the American people to wake up and understand more than drugs, sex, alchool and other matters on teh streets, and focus on who is trying to steal their fortyune and create everlasting enemies to them.

Hal O'Leary

Of course the Cheney administration is guilty of the most horrendous crimes imaginable, however, they will not be held to account, because as the Chinese proverb says, "You cannot awaken those who only pretend to sleep". and they are the American public.

Tom Connolly

It astounds me that the obvious perpetrators of this heinous crime against America on 9/11 and the subsequent slaughter of thousands of innocent people around the world in the name of "the war on terror", not only walk free amongst us but continue to hold positions of power and esteem within the most powerful government in the world.

I can only hope that the credibility of your new group allows you to bring the necessary attention to this brazen act of treason and that they are brought to book for their despicable actions and their crimes against humanity.

At least they will find it a little more difficult to label this group of academics and well respected individuals as crazy "conspiracy theorists" and dismiss your allegations as the hysterical ranting of fanatics as they have successfully done to so many others.

Good Luck!


God bless you for your work. May truth prevail. For years I didn't believe it was an inside job, but now it has become almost laughably obvious. I am ashamed of us -- we have become such lazy, oblivious cowards.
Good luck. And thank you.


What we must concentrate on in order to bring these traitors to trial is this. We can't prove much on the twin towers coming down.Thats all unprovable in court. But the attack on the Pentagon is very obvious and done by a missile hit not a 757. There were those who said they saw the 757 hit the pentagon but the photo evidence shows that the columns were still standing and this would have caused the wings to shear off along with the engines after hitting the columns. There were no wings no engines and no plane so this is obvioulsy a non hit by any 757 . And who is at the top of this act? Bush !! Well we indict him now and find this act on the Pentagon as outlined and proved by the testimony of hundreds of pro pilots in a court of law as an impossibility to execute this maneuver with a 757 in front of 12 jurers to convict Bush and the rest of the perpetrators will follow. This is our country and not Bush's and he is not above the law and neither is his office.

christine brennan

yes! follow the money trail. America recieved billions of dollers for the oil that they recieved for this made up war, this scene that was created to justify stealing from those who have nothing. Those who live in clay homes, who live in a giant sea of sand, whose only natural (usable) resourse is oil, they some how had weapons of "mass disdruction" (they have still found none). the billions that was made from this war was far more then what the bildings were worth. a great profit was made and the all mighty american army was once again glorified, promoting more to join the army, using ill propaganda. and since the "attack" was previously known, all of Bush's friends got out before the hits. not much has changed, other than that they find more and more ways to hide their dirt, no longer under rugs. at least hitler was kind enough to shoot himself in the head.


for some reason in the uk we seem to be more sceptical about anything we are told by'the powers that be'than in the usa.i think though that is down to the media telling us how dumb america is,but after recently spending time in your country and speaking to people i realise that a lot of you do not believe a word of the explanation given for 911 which in my eyes is a great thing.whithin hours of the tragedy a lot of people in the uk thought it had to be an inside job,and when we found out the only plane to fly out of the usa on the 12th september apparently contained 23 bin laden family members a lot of people thought whats going on there? Another thing was that the cheapest quote for removing the asbestos from WTC buildings was 1 billion dollars,how much did it cost after 911 ? nothing the owner made 7-8 billion dollars.Unfortunatly our media is owned and controlled by the same people that benefit from these tragedies and wars so getting the message to the masses is difficult,so please don't give up a lot of people in the uk support you.


I am not qoing to be a stickler on semantics, rhetoric, punctuation or even spelling. The accusations are dire and too serious to be so petty.
I am going to be honest though. I find it difficult to believe that the callousessness of our leaders would be involved with such a tragic catastrophe. However, it might be so. I believe the government killed the Kennedys. I know for fact that the CIA has killed foreign dignitaries. I wholeheartdly believe that Vietnam was over plantations of rubber trees and not some valiant attempt to stop totalitarianism. I believe that America has the capability to turn into a Police State, and that this thing we consider freedom is an illusion of "we the pretend sleepers." And I do find that the collaspes rather similiar to a razed building being taken down. I am kind of slow to draw this conclusion for many reasons, mainly all done out of hope that it could not be true, but I will study it out thoroughly, and then go on the Crusade. One way or another. Thanks for all of the insight.


I have thought this for a while now but living in a GOP state people just look at you like your stupid when you tell them this, it makes perfect sense, you mean to tell me that the most powerful country in the world with all its technology cant find one man hiding in a cave in a third world country.....I believe Bush made the call to execute this and paid off bin laden for doing it. If America and the arab nations would realize that Bush and Bin laden are selling us both out maybe we could save ourselves and possibly the world before its to late.


You people are all nuts. It's oil right. For all of you nuts who think the US and or Bush had something to do with 9/11 please DO NOT VOTE in 08.


if george bush had anything to do with 911 all you people that voted him for a second term your just as much to blame as him and his henchmen.


The knowledge that 9/11 was totally an inside job perpetrated by the highest members of the U.S. Government against innocent civilians who were killed mercilessly to frighten the rest of us to go along with the government taking away freedoms, and going to bogus wars is too terrible to even contemplate. But true, nonetheless.
All you have to do is watch slow motion video of the demolition of the twin towers to see the explosions going off below the collapse line all the way down the buildings as they are coming down. It is totally visible, and horrifying. Those buildings were wired with explosives...all three of them...and did not "collapse"...they were intentionally demolished. And with that, almost 3,000 lives were instantly extinquished.
Planes don't vaporize...as they would have us believe from the Pentagon and Pennsylvania murders...impossible. These criminals should all be hanged in front of the White House on national television.
Americans...wake up! 9/11 will not be the last of its kind...the next one will be far worse. And Cheney has already told us it is coming...or haven't you been listening?


Wasn't anyone surprised when Bush gave us on Bin Laden so quickly, and turned toward Iraq? Why wasn't this brazen act questioned. The attack on Afghanistan was a token move only, but there was never any serious intent to capture or kill Bin Laden. Bin Laden (if he even exists) was a symbol, and in collusion with the U.S. Quid pro quo --- we do it, we give you credit for it, you become a hero to your "cause", we'll pretend to get you then move on, you behave yourself on our behalf if we need you in the future in the middle east. We get Iraq, and secure a supply of oil.
My god, they lied so blatantly about the so-called weapons that Hussein did not have, do we not believe them capable of using any method to convince us? This whole episode in U.S. history is so laughably a fraud, I can't believe those out there who will not question it. We have the silliness in our minds to question whether or not there is a conspiracy of silence regarding Obama's actual religion (come on, get real), but can't find the brainpower to sweat the big stuff.


Big brother watching this!!! scary man. In any event. I know all sheep is indispensable, we are used for their needs and once deemed useless to the trash with us. I feel for naive soldiers that had to learn this lesson the hard way and now cannot handle the truth so they dope or kill themselves...Mongers don't care about them but for us they could be part of resistance one day. What is to mongers 3000 or 800.000 when they already have plans to kill 3 billion more.


Bush, Chaney and the other traitors must go to the gallows!

conal in canada

The whole thing was set up months maybe years before the highjaking of the two plans that crashed in too the twin towers and why did'nt they at least try to stop the second plane from crashing.
In my opion I think that he only reason that the twin towers fell is so that bush could be re- elected in too office for a second term because the planes crashed really close to election for the next prez of the U.S.A If he could rig the first election with the help of daddy and mister florida reprsentive bushy boys brother, and as long as there is oil in the middle east the us milatry will never leave and that my american and candian brothers is the truthful opion of myself.


Any american that would take the time to watch the Loose Change video would open there eyes and want to learn all they can about how america is being lied to by Bush, Cheney and news media,this is the most serious event to ever happen to the USA.Break American people down to nothing take all freedom ,bring on NWO,every american needs to know all this, how do we get them to listen!WE NEED A COUP,ONLY THE AMERICAN GOD FEARING GENERALS HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE BACK ARE COUNTRY FROM THESE TRADERS! GOD HELP US ALL!

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