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Half of injuries can become infected due to bacteria levels

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 6 2005 12:00 a.m. MST

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In march of 2004 I was bitten by a cat in my thumb joint. Within 24 hours I went to hospital, started on IV antibiotics, went through surgery, hospitalized for 5 days then had to have IV antibiotics 4 times a day for over 3 months. Then..due to infection and immune system being compromised it went into complex regional pain syndrome. This left me in a level 9 to 10 pain 24 hours a day for over three years. Lost my buisness, bankruptcy, and to this day still have moderated to severe pain in wound sight. Cat bites are serious infections don't walk, don't even breath go immediately to the emergeny room so this will not be you. Oh and by the way I have a cat(not the one that bit me)

Charles Braddish

I was bitten by my cat one week ago today,on the back of my hand .I immediately flushed it repeatedly with alcohol and peroxide.The day following,I found myself in the ER for a tetnis shot an antibiotics as well as strong pain medication.After a week I can just now move my fingers a little,the worst pain is in my wrist .The swelling has subsided,but the pain is still bad enough to make a good nights sleep impossible.Any attempt at wrist rotation is severely painful


Charles did you keep your cat??I was bitten last week also, but it was my fault. I did not pay attention to my cat being upset. after 4 days I knew I was going to be headed for trouble so I had to get a shot and anti biotics on Monday 14th. My Kitty has gotten progressively meaner and pooping on the floor, She's 7 1/2. I don't want to put her down,but I don't want that to happen again.

Cindy in Sarasota

I received a vicious cat bite 10 days ago from my own sweet kitty, 3 yr old Max. Forgetting that he was "an animal" and not my pet, I attempted to pick him up and calm him after his being frightened & threatened by another cat. Big mistake. Despite immediate care and shots, the hand wounds became infected and I'm on IV antibiotics for two weeks. Am just now able to use the hand but thankfully I won't require surgery. Seek immediate medical care and never forget that your "babies" are animals and can turn on you in an instant under the right circumstances.

park city

we can't keep this cat because it "attacks" people with teeth and nails and we have children in home
rescues don't want her
vet says to put her down
can anyone think of any alternatives? snows here so she can't be outdoor cat
would best friends animal sanctuary take her?

Kathy Somera

I might have stepped on the tail. I was preparing dinner on March 24, 2008 at 7:00 PM. Usually, the cat's under the table. I didn't see the tail...then the cat cried. I looked at my right foot, there was blood. There are 2 wounds (2 inched in distance) & a scratch. I called my sister, a doctor. She told me to wash the area with soap, wather & alcohol & ran to the nearest hospital for anti-tetanus & anti-rabies injections. I had 5 injections on that night, aside from the 2 tests. It was pinful, I had swelling on the area, I had slight fever & had to finish 5 anti-rabies injections. I am still struggling with the effects of the injections...


I have a cat that has always been moody, but recently has been biting and breaking the skin on my teenage daughter. It just happened for the second time, and I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm taking my daughter to the doctor tomorrow, and the cat to the vet. I won't keep a cat that is a danger to the children in the house, but I can't see anyone else wanting a cat that bites this hard. :(


my neigbour recently accused my cat of biting her cat,she stated it came up three steps during the dsy bit her cat and just sat there. my cat is five years old never attached another cat ever it was declawed when i adopted it and it is the most gentle cat with both my dog and my smaller female cat. this lady told me that her cat cannot walk anymore even thought she waited thre days to take it to a vet. and then tonight she used foul language swearing that i am a liar. i told her i never saw this happen nor did anyone else. does anyone have any thoughts on this


Two days ago, I was bitten by a cat. I accidentally stepped on it and it gave me a nasty puncture wound on my lower right leg. I flushed the wound with an anti-bacterial soap and water, and went to the ER for anti-tetanus and anti-rabies shots less than 24hrs later. The wound had become red, swollen and tender to the touch. Honestly, I wasn't thinking so much of infection when I went to the ER. I was thinking of RABIES. A neighbor's nephew died of RABIES last year. The poor lad didn't tell anyone a dog bit him. Okay, so it was a dog. But cats could be rabid, too. Besides, the cat that bit me was a former stray cat and was just adopted by the family a day before the biting. I received a total of about 10-11 shots on the arms, the backside and around the puncture. Not necessarily an enjoyable experience, I'm telling you. I still need to make 4 trips to the ER for my shots. My upper arms still hurt as of this posting.


My cat bit my right thumb on June 8, 08. Did everything recommended, but ended up with infection. Went to doc, got tetanus shot and antibiotics. Still very swollen, and sore, but red lines down arm are fading. Wrist and knukles are very tender. My cats have never bitten before, all 3 have current rabies vaccinations, but were scared of my grandson's dog. These kind of bit should always be taken seriously and be treated by a doctor.


I was bitten on both sides of my thumb joint on June 10th by a stray cat at the animal shelter where I volunteer. I moved him to clean his cage, and he was fine, but when I tried to pick him up to move him back, he attacked without warning. He wouldn't let go. He actually punctured me 7 times. Two of the wounds bled profusely, but the others sealed right up. My knuckle swelled up immediately, but my hand didn't look too bad, so I continued working for two hours. I went to Urgent Care about 4 hours after the bite because it had become very swollen and painful. They took X-rays (bits of teeth can break off) and put me on pain medication and IV antibiotics. I went back the next day because the swelling was worse and I had red streaks up to my armpit. I spent 3 days in the hospital on pain medication and IV antibiotics. The palm of my hand was lanced to release some of the pus. Very painful, very serious...don't mess around with a cat bite!


My father-in-laws cat bit me Sunday night, June 22. Got me with all 4 incisors and all paws. We had a stray out my daughters window and without thinking, I grabbed the cat to get him out. He turned on me and grabbed with all his might. I bled profusly for about 15 minutes while I ran the bites and scratches under water. I then went to the ER. Put me on antibiotics and pain meds and sent me on my way. They counted a total of 10 marks on my left arm. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow as I am afraid 2 or 3 of the bites are infected. Hope that they don't have to cut them open to flush, etc.


My 19 year old daughter was bitten by four 10 month maincoon. I didnt think anything of it and I am an RN and flushed it with peroxide and put antibiotic oint on it. Five hours later it was red and swollen and the pain was awful. I took her to the ER the the doctor said you cant clean a cat bite because of the sharp teeth and the wound closes after the bite. She was on 2 different antibiotics, pain killers, and a 40.00 antibiotic cream. It spread to from the finger to the palm of her hand and she was unable to make a fist. After daily icing and elavation of hand and meds seven days later she is now able to make a fist. We lucked out and didnt need the hand surgon but he said she may have permanent damage as in aches and pain in the hand for months. Dont mess around with cat bites. She was bitten twice before by this cat and was fine. He is now RIP in the back yard!


Amy - are you saying that you killed the kitten because your daughter got bit by it?


Yesterday morning I was bitten on the top of my wrist by my cat. Cleaned the 2 punctures and got into my Dr.s at 4:00pm. By the time I got there my hand was red, swollen, and I was in alot of pain. I was given oral antibiotics and meds for the pain. 24 hours later I feel somewhat better, but my hand is more swollen, wider area of deep redness, and more pain when trying to move wrist or fingers.
Should the meds have given me more relief? I do not think I am improving ... should I give the meds more time to take effect?


Last night my cat was chased my a pitbull. I picked him up to put him in my room and he attacked my face. He bit me from my lip to right below my eye with huge puncture wounds. He unhinged his jaw like a lion. Somehow he also bit my two fingers which are now so swollen I cannot bend them. After reading all the comments I guess I will go to the doctor even though I wasnt planning on it. So thanks everyone.


I was petting a very loving, purring stray at 10 p.m. when he turned on me and bit that top of my hand. I've never experienced that amount of pain! I cleansed the 4 punture wounds and went to the Dr. in the morning. Started on oral antibiotics, got my tetnus and was told to watch for red streaks up my arm. That happened by 5Pm so off i went to the ER. I was admitted to the hospital for 4 days of IV antibiotics and pain meds. The best treatment was from my hand surgeon, he had me soak in hot, soapy water for 20 min. 4x/day. I was to exercise my fingers and wrist-force them to move. At that time I couldn't move them. WOW, what a difference, I think that helped more than anything! I still have 3 awesome cats and will continue to rescue the strays.


My mom just spent three days in the hospital from a cat scratch that dug deep into her foot...she needed major antibiotics.


my cat bit me after feeling threatened by a dog. didn't think much about it til I started feeling really ill. Ended up at the dr who said it was infected. now on antibiotics..hopefully will not end up in the hospital. I never knew that cats carry bacterias that were so bad for us!!


My 5 year old son was bit by a stray cat in our backyard. We took him immediately to urgent care thinking he needed stitches, they dont stitch cat bites because of the infections that could be sealed in. They cleaned out the wound. Was put on oral antibotics. Within 48 hrs his arm was swollen, hot, had a fever and couldn't close his fist. Was sent to a hand surgeon and was put on IV antibotic for Cellulitis a form of staph infection and bacterial skin infection, common for cat bites. He has to have the antibotic through an IV every 8 hours for 2 weeks. Then the doctor will look at him for possible hand surgery if the tendons have been affected by the bacterial infection. So important to get care from a doctor asap when bit by a cat.

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