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Published: Thursday, Nov. 10 2005 12:00 a.m. MST

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Miguel A Tinoco Rodriguez

I am disgusted with our government and of our society for being willfully blind. I am scared about the judgements that God will bring to our nation for our silence and cowardice that is not allowing us to refreshh the tree of liberty when presented with the truth of our tyranical government.


No doubt the government is hiding the truth. If Muslim terrorists were so intent on getting us they would have done it again within the last eight years. Our borders are totally wide open to anybody that wants to come in with whatever they want to bring with them. There is no security to speak of.

One fact that is rarely mentioned is that all Israeli's were absent from the trade centers that day. A group of mossad agents were caught on tape filming and celebrating the attacks.


one question..just weighing the odds...something i do not want to believe..but answer me this did they Identify the plane that crashed into the pentagon..what company was it..I can't find colors that match red..white..and lite blue..only two countries with those three colors are the USA..which is dark blue and russa which is actually a lighter blue..i hate to think it was not a plane but something else. I thought that they were various planes coming out of another place in the US
unfortunately i can't remember the make of the planes and what company failed to protect the US citizens..was it various planes as well..i can't find the pictures of commecial airplanes in the United States that match the tail of the one sitting outside of the pentagon in a field..just would like to disprove everyone's suspicions..Too many people died that day to just ignore any other idea that we are just unfortunate Americans who are unprepared..Why are we such and untrusting country but i guess we are sick of being fooled..I really do hope the Government never tells us anyway.

Re:Re: Chris

What do you have against Canada? It's been generally rated as having a higher human development index even (better quality of life). Nothing against America though.


This evidence is concrete and basically proves 9/11 was not how we were told. Those who still think that the American government did not have anything to do with it, should do some research and look at these facts. As soon as a plane is suspected to be hijacked, ANY plane public airline military etc. Fighter pilots are scrambled and sent to fly along the plane and even shoot it down if necessary. They do not need ANY orders from ANY authority to do this, it is THE LAW! Where were our planes on 9/11? They did not go into the air, that means that someone gave orders for them to stay on the ground!! Who can do this? Only the American government. Look at the facts. Do your own research, you will be amazed. Google project northwood and watch the documentary terrorStorm. The truth must be learned.


People think that if you're patriotic, religious, and conservative that you probably don't believe this stuff. I'm all three of those things and believe a lot of it. It's obvious explosives took them down, but of course we will never know if the gov. planned it.

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