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Published: Thursday, Nov. 10 2005 12:00 a.m. MST

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Looking Glass

Do you want to know where the next flase-flag attack is going to be?
Do you think it was just a coincidence that VP Cheeney gave the commencement speech at BYU just after the incident concerning Prof. Steven Jones?
I think it was a stern warning not touch this subject again or be considered an enemy of state.
I think the Mormons scare the crap out of these people. The Mormons are an incredibly huge, wealthy orginization that is really outside any government control. I think a dirty bomb is SLC would solve so many problems for this bunch. Think about it and weep.


Google Zeitgeist and watch the movie

anti Looking Glass

how did this turn into a mormon bashing?

j ferrie

this guy is a fantasist.and was fired because of incompetance.
we have seen his file.
his methods are pseudoscience.
he is a joke in the scientific world.
a dangerous walter mitty.
we need to get behind and support are police,army and president.

Sharon in Mississippi

How sad that some people react with name-calling and slander when someone has the courage to voice an unpopular opinion.

If the buildings had been empty, the planes had been drones, and the surrounding blocks had been evacuated and safety precautions taken like they were for the demolition of the Key Bank building, wouldn't y'all have been hootin' hollerin' and cheerin' when those two buildings (and later WTC 7, which wasn't even hit by a plane) came tumbling straight down into their own basements with such masterful precision?

Do your research and come to your own conclusions.


It is clear to me that 911 was an inside job. Anyone who researches this and looks at what happened before and after knows it was. War in Iraq - short term goal. World domination - long term goal. Obvious motives. Some people, particularly overly patriotic types, or religious types, or republicans, all tend to be the majority in denial of what is rally happening. Sad, but these people are already slaves to those running the show behind the curtain. Stupidity is a fact of life for some and that was what the genius planners of the 911 operation knew so they did it to us. They will do it again and it has already been hinted at for early 2009!

Patsy Perkins

I have a lot to say & not enough room.So I will keep it short.Americans live in the greatest country in the world & they are not stupid. You might be though.Nazma you are the one needing education & communication skills.Nazma,I don't know your IQ but you might consider a IQ Test to even be able to make such an preposterous statement.First of all,the people of this country didn't elect George Bush.Secondly,I'm sure you don't have ANY control over what your government does.It's easy for someone like you to say things you are not knowledgable about.For instance,where did you learn to spell.Why don't you use a dictionary to learn spelling and study some English Lit..Lastly,I am a Christian and I would say to someone like you are you ready to meet God face to face if He came for you tonight.Have you thought about it.That's the most important thing.If you are saved throught Jesus Christ you shouldn't be worried about anything.The Bible says (Matthew 6) live one day at a time for tomorrow may never come.Why throw insults at American people you don't even know.God have mercy on you little one.You are out there aren't you?


The fire could never reach 5000 degrees, the building had a ton of lawsuits against it, the elevators were failing causing massive injuries, HVAC problems, asbestos, structural issues, electrical problems, the building was completely outdated, the time of the attacks (before 9am) the building didn't topple even with the wind and the damage to SE side. No delayed collapse, no burning inferno, only the top floors caught fire. Why did number 7 even collapse at all, when the other buildings didn't (Deutsche)? Ask the Wallstreeters what they said about the towers before 911, they were total crap. There are just too many things that miraculously happened for such a perfect demolition without explosives? I've been in construction for over 20 years; sorry just no way that happened so perfectly. Those beams were cut to perfection.


I am so mind blown by the simple mined people who just don't get it. Even after it is all spelled out for them. I do understand the horror of believing that our own government could actually be behind such a horrible act. That is one of the worst feeling there are, but then again how many other lies have we been fed over the years. For you nonbelievers just keep your head in the sand, and let the government do what ever it wants to you. But don't let them do this and worse to your children. For your children sake stop them now. Because it's only going to get worse.


I didn't even know there were people who thought it was a government conspiracy. I guess you learn something new every day. So did we really land on the moon then?

Robert Stevens

Free-fall speed means explosives were used.

Free-fall speed is approximately 32 feet per second, PER SECOND. So in the first second you travel at an average speed of 32 feet per second. The second second you travel at an average speed of 64 feet per second and so on.

The three towers didn't just fall, they accelerated. For acceleration to instantly start and continue, all resistance must be removed from the lower floors.

Humans know that the only to remove resistance in steel and concrete buildings is with high-energy explosives.

Dr. Jones doesn't just "think" explosives were used, he knows it.


It is obvious to many persons that WTC was a demolition job. As stated, seceral times above, no large building will collapse perfectly into its own footprint.

Of course, there are reasons the truth isn't told; had it been so, no one in NYC would have returned to work in a large building on September 12 (business before honor, you know).

Enough talk! It's now time to do something about it. Is there an organization being formed to do this?


Greatest country in the world? Right... ok then a country where theres approx 50 million people who cant afford basic healthcare, a country who bullies others,a country of vast amounts of obese and lazy people,a country whos average citizen has about as much intelligence as a pencil, a laughable education system - the average citizen knows little about what happens outside their own state never the mind the country or the rest of the world, a country whos people have an innate lack of ability to think for themselves and insist on being spoon fed and would believe anything their govt tells them because their conditioned to be so by all the patriotic and religious rhetoric. So condescending and contraditory. Is the essence of a democracy not a place where everyone is entitled to voice an opinion and to question its leaders when seen fit to do so? Being told to shut up and being told to be unpatriotic doesnt equate to such values. Something is seriously wrong in a society where people tolerate such things. A 21st century country with a 19th century mentality. Greatest country in the world? Whatever you say sir!


What a nut! I'm not a professor myself, so I can't argue his points. However, I have seen other scientists convincingly dispute Jones' findings.

From the number of comments supporting Jones' theories, and their common bad grammar, I wonder if the conspiracy theorists are collectively poorly educated, or if many of the posts are written by the same person.


So without rambling too much we do have genuine hope for the future in obama who has emerged as an insprirational figure. Hopefully the past 8 years can be put to bed now although it will take time. We will never truely know wat happened on 9/11, the mind shudders... the findings of prof jones cannot be ignored or easily dissmissed but alas i dont think we'll ever find out the truth. All we can do is move on.

Re: Chris

If this country is so pathetic, please feel free to move to, say ... Mexico or Canada ... or France. You're certainly free to move. And while your exercising your freedom, realize that the free world owes it's freedom to the USA. If you dispute that assertion, please read world history.

And while you're reading, you'll discover that the majority of major scientific and medical innovations have come from the same americans for whom you show such distain.

Also, you'll find that, at one point in our earth's history, scientists actually pronounced that the world was FLAT. Scientists are smart, but not infallable.

Joseph Chia

I acknowledge Mr. Jones' points and arguments about this event, and promptly agree. I also agree with Mr. Robert Stevens' comment. There was clearly no, or severly reduced air resistance because it is clear that the towers acclerated as they fell. I also agree with Mr.Jon-Q-Law. The fires inside the building could never reach 5000 degrees, and the building did not collapse even with the wind + damage to the SE side. I'm not a professional engineer or anything, but it's clear to me, an ordinary citizen, that there were explosives planted inside the building prior to the event. I think what Mr. Jones has to say is as equally as important as what any other scientist has to say about this situation. His points are well thought out, supported, and pretty much valid to my eyes. In addition they actually make sense, and applying those ideas makes the whole picture much clearer. You can pray God all you would like, but you must still eat to survive. In the same way, you might brush over this topic, but any sensible person should look at the facts of the case, and cut out the impossible.

Nan Gold

It might be instructive to see what the V1 & V2 rockets did to London's tall buildings during WWII -- Just a thought.


is BYU saying on this guy's theory?


This guy is wrong.

Thank God...

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