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Published: Thursday, June 30 2005 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is creepy. And besides gambling is illegal in Utah.


i like tattoos, but this is just stupid!


I have seen stupid up close, working in the prison system for 20 years. How ever this beats all. Good luck finding a good school to take your son with his mother looking like that. Ps you where beautiful and maybe on the inside, how ever you have mamed your self in what seems to be a need for your attention.

Ben Dover

In response to this comment by Anonymous-

"She ripped herself off with a 10,000 dollar buy it now. I bet the casino makes that much money in a day."

OMG!! Ya the casino makes only a whopping 10K a day!! hahahahahaha LOL!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

p.s. that comment is as dumb as the chick with the tattoo!!


Uhhh...No comment on that one. Who in the world would do something that stupid for that much?


you got underpaid for that and shame on them for paying you next to nothing. i know why you did it, very caring I wish you the best in life and youre not stupid, you did what you had to...


Way too cheap, not to mention not smart. Should have gotten paid x amount monthly for as long as you live. You can't buy a billboard somewhere for one payment, your head should be no different!


There is a Natrual Wood sculpture on ebay now called ghost tree under natrual sculpture.It is the face of a man formed in the tree.Kinda looks like a popular cartoon dude you might know. I wonder what they would pay for that?It is really weird.The poor girl did'nt get enough.

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SLC gal

How is it possible this woman seems dumber and dumber every time this story is republished?


I live in Las Vegas and casinos here make millions of dollars a week. Ten thousand is nothing, she got ripped off, big time. Especially considering the advertising they got for that, not even close to 10K worth. Should have thought about putting the "buy it now" a bit higher. Maybe next time, haha!


how much would removing that cost? would you have money left over or wold it cost more than 10G?

Los Angeles, CA

Okay, its been over a decade since Kristy Smith tattooed her face. She had to go through a LONG series of laser treatments to remove it. I wonder if the costs of the removal were more than the original price (minus tax)

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