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Published: Thursday, June 30 2005 12:00 a.m. MDT

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thick head, as if private education is going to help, poor child will get teased relentlessly



So What?

There's your 15 minutes, now move on.


Oh no you didn't. Oh no you did not. Oh dear no you did not. Oh oh no you didn't.


Great intentions bad decision


So how long can you send a kid to private school on $10k? I have never seen a tatoo I thought was really neat or made a person prettier. I wonder how she feels about it now?

Hey Moderator

Your screening of posts is horrible. I made an observant comment on this article and you didn't allow it. Be like the Tribune and let the users be the moderator


That money is going to be gone in a month. I'm willing to bet there are some couples out there who would love to raise that boy.


I actually saw her at Dollar Tree a few months ago. It didn't look good. I wondered if 2 years later if she regrets it.

ditto to hey moderator

That has happened to me NUMEROUS times on this site, but I have never been trolled or hidden in either KSL or SLTrib comment sites. Explain that one. The DN moderation is ridiculous and should be ousted.


Why is this story up again? The original date on this was June 30, 2005 9:20 a.m.

Hate the web layout

The web layout stinks. Old stories appear again and again. Fire the web designer and get someone that will provide us with the news as it happens not as it happened. I spend less and less time on Desnews because I keep getting recycled news. If I could get could Cougar and Ute sport news some place else I would stop looking at the website altogether.


As stated by a reader--this isn't a new story--it is from 2005. The only reason it is in the "Most Popular" is because another website linked to the story and drove traffic to the page. We didn't recycle it--actually we are as surprised as everyone else that it showed up in Most Popular. Most Popular is based upon how many times a story is read hourly not by published date or what we think should be popular.


Hey, you might have your kid take out a student loan, 10k is not worth it lady. Weird.


I am more disappointed with the company that went through with this. They would have probably received more attention if they paid the $10,000 to the woman if she didn't get the tatoo. Be a good corporate citizen and use responsibility.

Sam Hofer

How come we took away lawn darts and made them wear bicycle helmets. Darwinism was working!! Now look at what gets to survive.

Doc Loco

I operate Happy Valley Tattoo in American Fork, Utah.
I have a 20 year reputation for doing all the tattoos that other artists are unwilling to do or lack the skill for (except portraits - you have to see my wife Kita Kazoo for those) - but this tattoo is stupid!
The tattooist is the owner of ASI, a major tattoo chain in Utah.
I think performance of such a tattoo is very irresponsible.
I can't think of a tattoo that I ever have refused to perform - this would be one!
No one at my studio would ever do a tattoo like this.
Thank God my clients are not as stupid as this one.
And yes, I think the whole "for my son's education" thing is an obvious scam.
Not only is it insufficient to the cost of education today and certainly even more so in the future, I don't believe for a second this chick really meant to spend the money on anyone but herself.
The "popularity" of the story though shows to me that tattooing is a very popular subject in Utah in spite of it's recent (2000) Mormon prohibition.


Jan 2008. $10,000 and three years later. Whatever happened to Ms. Smith and her heady tattoo?

Did her son Brady benefit from the education for which the tat money was earmarked?

Does $10,000 still "seem like a million dollars" as it did to Ms. Smith in 2005? (or did it seem more like $6,500 after taxes?)

Did her boyfriend with whom she consulted before getting the tattoo hang around after the tat and after the money was spent (on Brady's education, of course)?

There is so much more to know about this story, so very provocative.


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life. You think how much money companies spend every year to get their commercial aired for 30 seconds during the super bowl, and then compare it to how much money they casino paid for literally hundreds of thousands of individuals to see her face every year. Do the math. She ripped herself off with a 10,000 dollar buy it now. I bet the casino makes that much money in a day.


I think the lady showed incredible guts getting such a public tattoo done. Ok not the best idea but a good intention. In actual fact she had it removed after nearly two years (a collection of stills can be found on You Tube.}

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