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Published: Monday, Nov. 15 2004 12:00 a.m. MST

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true story

A temple-worthy Mormon man told me this years ago:
"The problem with most Mormons is they have problems discerning revelations."

texas mom

Would someone please get this article printed in the southern newspapers?

To: Answer YES

Once again you are confusing the sources and church doctrine. Joseph Smith DID NOT say that the Lamanites were principal ancestors of the American Indians. The Introduction to the Book of Mormon was written by Bruce R McConkie and is not considered doctrine, just an introduction. Apostles have opinions just like LDS members have opinions, the same can be said for all faiths. There is a set doctrine but people are free to speculate as they would. The difference is that they receive revelations occasionally on church doctrine.

Re: Answer YES

Well, DNA says it all! no two ways about it.

Steve - Corrections...

Marshall Motz: As a life long LDS person I can say I've never heard it taught by us that Jesus had 3 wives here on Earth. The ONLY specualtion I've heard is Jesus had one wife, who MAY have been Mary Magdalene. Why and how would Jesus be married to his own mother (Mary) as you suggest?

As to anyone who thinks Jesus being married makes Him less devine, I don't see how. Jesus always led by example so if we're expected to marry, naturally He would do it too.

So my answer to YesorNO is, Yes... I believe Jesus was/is married or at least might have been. I'd never rule it out. I like many others believe the wedding He attended in the Bible might have been His own.

Keep in mind the Bible has passed through many hands, back long ago when the Catholic Church started and put the Bible together it's entirely possible they edited out any direct reference to Jesus being married (as they apparently think a man more holy without sex, which is why their priests don't marry... unless I'm mistaken, Catholics feel free to correct me).

Rick too

Just a minute here ! I see a definite trend anytime I read an article regarding Mitt/politics/LDS etc. etc. There are a few individuals out there who get their jollies with their provocative, highly inflammatory comments which are nowhere close to the truth. They post the most disgusting lies then just sit back and watch as we LDS folks reply and laugh their disgusting heads off. I read a comment yesterday about how we LDS despise the Constitution and Mitt has an agenda which follows that concept. And today we read that we believe Christ had three wives. I attended BYU after serving a mission in 1966-1968. So I have been around for a few years like many of you. Never have I heard the likes of this and lotsa other outrageous lies which pop up on the internet.
Great article DN, and intended to show positive relations between LDS and our Evangelical friends.
Most of us are trying to live as best we can plus trying to build bridges with our neighbors of other faiths and ethnic origins. We are all trying to make our neighborhoods and communities and schools better.


It is rather comical to hear true-believers in Mormonism, Islam, Catholicism or any doctrinaire religion try to explain how the faux paus promoted by their churches for hundreds of years really arent as absurd as they sound. When the Catholics imprisoned scientists (Galileo) during the dark ages for promoting that Genesis' describing that the planets and sun revolving around the earth was not correct. Or the Mormon church disavowing previous leaders laughable statements that have been disproven. Religion is evolving and constantly trying to cover its path so as to not appear absurd.


I like to hear a story about honest Christians like this one. I heard an eye opening comment about how we compare other religions. We should not look at our best characteristics or history and another religion's worst. Compare best to best recieving your sources from people knowledgeable in that religion. (Not from outside sources.)

I'm ashamed to say that I have sometimes done exactly what the above says not to do. As a member of the LDS church recieving all of this negative attention and hearing twisted lies and half truths has made me realize I shouldn't be hypocritical and should look at all religions fairly. That's my two cents, just thought I'd share.

Ron in OC

I just love it when people I have never met tell me what I believe.


Wow, must really be a dry news week. Or the Deseret Morning News is trying to pull out the stops (maybe even a miracle from the dusty archives?) in the attempt to position the LDS church as mainstream, respected and pragmatic, with the hope of doing something to help salvage Mitt's crumbling presidential campaign.

Head Spinning

You know, I don't care if Jesus was married or not, to 1, 2, or 15 wives. What does it matter? He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Yours and mine. I guess at some point in time when we cross the veil we will find out all of these questions, Ya think? PS AND I don't care if you are a Jew, Budhist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist or whatever! I am a member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day saints and have never heard it taught that Jesus was even married. But if he was, so what? Does it change anything? There are so many bitter, hateful people in this world and I've just read a few articles from some of them. Get a life, do something good for someone else. Serve your neighbor---You'll be a lot happier.

Jesus was normal

Polygamy is the evil designs of men. It is no divine practice. It is the man made practice of a self idulging man. These guys have no more potential than that of a great ape. Jesus was not a polygamist. He was normal!

Ron in OC

Ya know what I like about all this. The article was interesting and positive and most of the comments have nothing to do with the article.


You guys are funny. Many strange comments here.

But man, this speech in the tabernacle is HUGE. We will never come to a consensus until after Christ returns, on belief. Until then we will always believe differently. But there is nothing wrong with that. What I like here is people tearing down some pretty huge walls and trying to gain understanding of each others beliefs instead of just saying I am right and you should get out if you don't like it. This is big for Mormons to welcome in a fellow Christian of a different denomination, and was even bigger of Mouw to also come to grips with Mormons. I love it. This is a great day. Don't be upset - he didn't compromise, he gained understanding, something we should all try. If you are upset, you need better understanding yourself. Keep working on it.

Idaho Kid

The problem in these discussions seems to be based on the false assumption that the reproductive act is inherently sinful. The only time when it is is in the case of adultery, fornication and other such abuses of this part of the human experience. If it was sinful, why did God command us to be fruitful and replenish the earth. It seems like we have a contradiction here. Did God say to multiply and at the same time say it is a sin. I don't think The Supreme Being is the author of confusion. I think he leaves that up to some men.

to jesus was normal

abraham issac and jacob practiced polygamy as a commandment from god. it is in the bible


I'm enjoying the knee jerk reaction of many who want to vilify the church, but don't know that Moroni told Joseph Smith that the church would grow the more it was opposed. Historically that has been proven, so bring it on!


Wonderful, spiritual people can have opinions that are wrong. Orson Pratt thought something, and he was a leader in the early church. So what? Doesn't make what he thought correct. It's his OPINION, nothing more.

Why is it that Mormons have to answer for everything every church leader has ever said, but all other churches and religions get a pass? Methodist's Wesley said the borders of hell are lined with the skulls of infants that died without baptism. The Catholic church has had quite a history from the Inquision, to the sale of indulgences, to married popes, to the pedophilia scandals. All religious groups have odd practices and things in their backgrounds. Why is it that the LDS are the only ones who have to answer for them?

We love God and try to love and serve others. For this devotion, we're ridiculed and are told we aren't even Christian. Baloney. God knows better.

This article was a good one. It is nice for the world to be made aware that some decent, thinking evangelicals accept our love and devotion for Christ as legitimate. We don't need the recognition but do appreciate it.

Thanks for DN for reprinting the article.

wow how things have changed

Before you jump on me for being an anti-mormon,I was born in the Church in 1947 served a mission married in the temple, and have 9 kids all of whom are active. Don't be angry with me because of something you do not want to believe. (Heleman 13:26-28)talks of Samuel the laminitie. I do not profess to be a prophet but Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde, and Orson Pratt were. Just as much as the 12 today are. I was wrong about the Heber C. Kimball quote. It was not him but Orson Hyde (JD 2:210) Before you start condemning the JD read the title page where Brigham Young states how careful they were in compiling these talks, and they were approved by him. Brigham Young
also states that Jesus was married. (JD 13:309) as did Orson Pratt in the Seer p.172. There are your quotes. There is also the gospel of Phillip (you can find it on the internet). It is an early Christian gospel that was not included in the New Testament. There it states that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. In the 40day ministy of Jesus. Hugh Nibley comments on it (fair.org)


That explains why they had to close the Tabernacle; to repair the damage. Now it'll withstand hellfire, damnation, and earthquakes.

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