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2 brothers show no remorse for brutal killings

Published: Saturday, July 24 2004 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I just read "under the Banner" too. Absolutely a great book. I have been trying to find out why nothing happened to Allen and Claudine Lafferty, and the other members of the "school" for doing nothing to warn the victims. Did anything happen to them? Does anybody know? Their silence in this crime equals complicity in my book, and is reprihensable!! Krakauer did not answer this question, and I have e-mailed reporters at the SLC Trig and Deseret News, but have received no answer.

bob anderson

under the banner tells it like it is. early brainwashing of any kind will forwever influence how one lives their lives. how could a guy like mitt romney, so smart, be involved with mormonism?

N. Swegel

Way to go Krakauer, it's time the someone told the truth about the Mormon Fundamentalists! Under the Banner of Heaven is a must read by everyone! I would just like to think that the Feds. will finally put an end to the pedophilia, polygamy, and other horrible things that happen among the Mormon Fundamentalists. As for the Lafferty family - I don't dare to say what fate I wish for them.


Absolutely amazing that anyone still believes at this day and age that "Mormons", Catholics" and other religious sects teach and condone the killing, rape and exploitation of others. What the Lafferty brothers did they did of their own free will, unfortunately they justied their guilt by laying the blaming on the Mormon church.When church members of any religion commit such heinous acts being the molestation of children by priests, marrying young girls and murder "in the name of God" we automatically believe it's what they're taught at church.Try researching facts before jumping on the wagon. John Krauker wrote a book to sell a book, period. The "facts" are distorted with his opinions, if he had actually wrote it to be unbiased it would have never left the shelf. People want controversy, gossip and dirty laundry, applause to Krakauer for his "Hollywood" version of the truth.


I used to drink alot of wine. And I concluded no understanding, as to why these murders couldn't have been stopped before they happened. I also find it very hard to believe, how such a small group of people could actually believe such insanity. And how in these modern times, this small belief could be possibly agreed with. But you can't press rewind and escape the humiliation of being related. We might blame ourselves for our mistakes. But have Dan and Ron, really made life worse for many people? So being a constitutionalist, I am usually against the corrupt modern control of society. So I think that these murders are like living in a circle you cant escape. Although escaping to a new start, is difficult to try and enjoy life again. My life would probably be totally different without this happening.


After reading this book, I could definantely tell the fiction involved, to entertain the readers mind. I really know now that its hard to tell the difference between good and evil. And I really think these men were decieved by satin. With the technology of today, these actions have become less and less possible. Its too bad our rights continue to be taken away as well. The Latter day saints believe this to be the last days, until the second coming of christ. It becomes hard to believe the Jews think christ hasn't come yet. I really feel that satin is most in control currently, or these two murderers would be dead long ago.


I find it interesting what you have written harry. And I being a active Latter Day Saint, think that this has really been a pity. Although I believe in the LDS religoun, I have children that don't. And I really know that it is important to not control my children religously. Because life is a long lesson to learn. And you cant ruin a persons mind for not complying with your religous beliefs. After reading this book, Under the Banner of Heaven. I think that freedom applyed constitutionally, could have stopped this from happening. But with so many corrupt forms of control. I guess the anger and insanity escaped some how invinsibly I guess. And that is why ive read this book. Due to the amazment, that such a small group of people could actually believe this way. And how these murderers could, for no reason at all, still be alive.


He says he is receiving "revelation from God" and now he keeps entering appeals to the court because he claims he was not fairly represented in his original trial. I can't think of anyone sane who would want to represent this fool. Also, who is to say he hasn't received a "revelation" while in prison and he goes on another killing spree? I don't trust this man at all, especially if he thinks that what he did wasn't wrong.


Being a non-Mormon I have read the Krakauer book "Under the Banner of Heaven" and have come to the conclusion that while there are some sections of this book which are very disturbing I don't know enough about the LDS church to make an objective judgement on the religion as a whole based upon this one book. That said I don't believe condemning a whole faith based group for the crazy actions of two individuals is fair nor is very "christian-like." Every religion contains those individuals who are of the "lunatic fringe" and thus are capable of committing such heinous acts as those of the Lafferty brothers. The main thing to keep in mind is that the Lafferty brothers were not members of the mainstream Latter-Day Saints and instead were acting out on their own warped sense of "religion."


I am a student currently studying to be a paralegal and in one of my assignments I had to research and learn about this case. I have read the document written in the court room as well as many other documents that are found in the legal world. This case truly made me sick. I found myself wanting to learn more about it and the families involved. My deepest sorrow goes to the families of Brenda and to Allen. People accuse Allen by stating that he knew about the revelation and didnt warn his family about it, I believe this to be totally and completly faulse. I have personally read the testimonies of Dan, Ron and Allen and all three say that Allen had nothing to do with it and that the shock of losing his wife and daughter came as a shock just like everyone else, maybe even more so. I am a Christian that believes in God and am very religious and active in my faith, hearing this story really made me think of the power of good and evil. They both exist and there is no comparing the two. Everything is either right or wrong.


Amazing how twisted and brain washed some people can become. I grew up with Brenda in Idaho and was raised in the church. While there are some very good teachings and practices within, there are some very warped messages and hidden truths that the church likes to sweep under the rug. These Lafferty boys don't need to be on death row, they need to be dead. Further, anyone with prior knowlege of their plans who did not come forward to warn anyone should be imprisoned at the very least. I have since fallen away from the church, but the majority of my family are all 'true believers'...I guess I am one of the few that can think outside of the box and not need to be led to slaughter like the sheep that most Mormons are...I suppose that many other relgions are much the same...I know a few Catholics and Assembly of God members who are not too far off of the fanatical state of the Laffertys. We live in a sad world. The reality - There is no god, there is no heaven or hell...there is only life and death. JEFFS


The author of the book is rational unlike 98% of Americans. His opinion is evident and I am in full agreement "One man's religion is another man's delusion." Faith is man's most outdated tool against the darkness and death. Smile, there is no hell.


This comment is in response to an individual on here who claims that the modern day mormon church is founded on murder and bloodshed. To you sir i ask, are you catholic, if so, your religion has slaughtered millions at the stake. Dont be so quick to condemn the mormon faith when you have no idea about its modern teachings. Mormons are some of the most decent and humble people walking this earth. they had a violent and disturbing past, like many or all religions. it just saddens me that people read this book with no objectivity or knowledge of the mormon church, and then form a belief that everything in this book applies to the modern day church...


First of all, just because someone does something and they belong to some religion, DOESN'T MEAN THAT'S WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN! There have been countless molestations by Catholic preists, I'm pretty sure they don't teach their believers that it's the right thing to do. The attacks of 9/11, alot of people that believe in the SAME religion as the terrorists say that their suicide missions are NOT part of their religion that the terrorists claim to be. They even say there must be a different Allah because the Allah we know and worship doesn't say anything about doing that kind of stuff. We are suppose to represent our families, our school, our religion, whatever you represent, but when someone falls and all you see is the "religious" flag they are carrying, doesn't mean you should jump to conclusions and think "that must be what THEY believe in", we are all human, and humans can fall...but it's not our job to judge, no-one in this whole entire earth will ever know his mindset.


I made the comment you are referring to and i just wanted to make it clear that i am atheist and I agree with you that the Catholic church along with ALL religions are guilty of horrific histories. However i do find Mormonism especially troubling due to its rapid advance in the world and how young it is compared to other religions. Its creation parallels that of many upstart cults that we see pop up in todays world. Religion is repsonsible for so much evil in this world and the sooner people live their lives for themselves as opposed to living it for a myth, the sooner we will find global peace. I understand that its difficult to break away from everything your parents have likely force fed you your whole life, i was upset when i learned Santa Clause was a fake too!

I want to make it clear that i do not hold any hatred towards religious people, i have many religious friends, this is merely my opinion which i am free to share on a open forum such as this, as are you. Maybe not at a dinner table though.


Faith is a disgusting thing.

To Brian:

You paint with a mighty broad brush. Is it your ignorance speaking?.....

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