Dinner Table Conversations


Dinner table conversations: here is a list of articles we think your family may enjoy reading and discussing around the dinner table. A graphic is attached to each story with questions that can facilitate a thoughtful family conversation. Bon appetit.

Valedictorian rips up approved graduation speech, talks about religion instead

Roy Costner IV started his high school graduation speech in an unconventional manner: He ripped his previously approved speech in half for the audience to see, and... Read more »

June 5, 2013


Biracial Cheerios commercial sparks racist comments

A Cheerios commercial released last Tuesday featuring a biracial family has received numerous racist remarks. General Mills, which owns Cheerios, disabled comments on... Read more »

June 3, 2013


Influence of faith: Americans say religion is good but faith is losing its influence

A new Gallup poll found most Americans say religion is losing influence in U.S., but 75 percent say American society would be better off if more Americans were... Read more »

June 1, 2013


Former model leaves the runway for her faith

Dedicated to sharing a message of self worth and modesty, Kylie Bisutti left her modeling career to commit her life to her Christian beliefs. Read more »

May 29, 2013


Put me in, Coach — or I'll sue

Giving athletes the heave-ho is turning into a problem for coaches these days. Read more »

May 28, 2013


Father figures: How dads' financial influence on their kids adds up

Dads have a great influence on their children's financial understanding — not just in what they say, but in how they model the use of money, experts say. Read more »

June 16, 2013


Touchscreens and toddlers: The research is mostly good news

Toddlers are mesmerized by touchscreens, and it's easy to hand a fussy child a smartphone or tablet. Do young children learn useful skills when this happens, or do... Read more »

May 25, 2013


Woman uses public punishment to teach a lesson about bullying

After discovering that her stepdaughter was bullying a classmate about the clothing she wore, this stepmother took the opportunity to teach her stepdaughter what it's... Read more »

May 22, 2013


Kids' summer 'bucket list' can foster real growth

My oldest daughter is excited by the fact that school's almost over. Saturday, working beside me in our winter-neglected yard, she kept up a steady stream of... Read more »

May 21, 2013


Growing great kids: Lessons from the garden

When Duke and Becky Mossman decided to expand their family garden, they were interested in growing vegetables and berries and nuts. But they were also interested in... Read more »

May 20, 2013


Taking back family dinner: A healthy, affordable and convenient escape from processed food

Homemade meals can provide greater control over ingredients — an important consideration given that one-third of U.S. children are obese or at risk of obesity.... Read more »

May 20, 2013


U.S. government's faith-based initiative moves ahead while dodging controversy

The Obama administration has broadened the focus of a faith-based office from simply getting government money into the hands of faith-based partners to enlisting local... Read more »

May 16, 2013


Fighting the 'good' fight: Families find constructive ways to handle discord

The right skills can change a family squabble and even strengthen relationships. You have to be willing to use tools that are helpful — may even need to practice... Read more »

May 14, 2013


An open letter from a dad to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO, Mike Jeffries

Let’s be clear: I’m a capitalist and a free-market guy. I support your right to run your business however you’d like and to exercise your freedom of... Read more »

May 14, 2013


Disney's 'Brave' makeover sparks fury from fans, director

Disney crowned Merida of "Brave" as its 11th princess Saturday, but not before giving her a princess makeover that angered not only fans but one of the film's creators... Read more »

May 13, 2013


New research reveals paucity of women on Sports Illustrated covers

Two University of Louisville professors analyzed more than 700 Sports Illustrated covers from 2000-2011, and their results show fewer women were featured on the... Read more »

May 10, 2013


Texas high school cheerleaders win Bible-banners case

A Texas judge has ruled that Kountze High School cheerleaders aren't violating the Constitution by displaying banners with biblical verses at football games. Read more »

May 9, 2013


Things my mother taught me: Well-known people share lessons learned from their moms

Mothers shape the future for their children. Well-known people from around the country share lessons learned from their mothers. Read more »

May 9, 2013


Hidden fees everywhere — just give me the price

We try to take a plane trip every year as a family. The very act of getting on an airplane says we're going somewhere special. But it's becoming harder to do, hampered... Read more »

May 7, 2013


Saving moms: Mothers doing better than they think in teaching kids about money

Financial responsibility starts at home — and kids are watching mama closely. Read more »

May 6, 2013


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