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Pastor Andy Stanley responds to his description of President Obama as 'pastor in chief'

Atlanta megachurch pastor Andy Stanley created a stir last week among evangelicals when he described President Barack Obama as "pastor in chief." Read more »

Jan. 29, 2013


Obama launches push for immigration overhaul

Seeking swift action on immigration, President Barack Obama on Tuesday will try to rally public support behind his proposals for giving millions of illegal immigrants... Read more »

Jan. 29, 2013

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The needle moves on immigration reform

On Monday, a bipartisan group of senators announced a framework of principles to guide lawmaking over border security, guest workers and employer verification of... Read more »

Jan. 29, 2013


Senators reach agreement on immigration reform

A bipartisan group of leading senators has reached agreement on the principles of sweeping legislation to rewrite the nation's immigration laws. Read more »

Jan. 28, 2013


Lawmakers see immigration overhaul this year

Republican and Democratic lawmakers were cautiously optimistic Sunday that a long-sought overhaul of the nation's immigration system that includes a pathway to... Read more »

Jan. 27, 2013


Harkin won't seek 6th Senate term

U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin said Saturday he will not seek a sixth term in 2014, a decision that frees a new generation of Iowa Democrats to seek higher office and eases some... Read more »

Jan. 26, 2013

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'Smart Mormons': Writer draws connection between LDS beliefs about agency and modern politics

Freelance writer Mike Jensen discusses the similarities between theology from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, primarily regarding the pre-mortal life... Read more »

Jan. 25, 2013


Mass. health law a model for states

When Massachusetts adopted its landmark health care law in 2006, the goals were ambitious and the potential solutions complex. Read more »

Jan. 23, 2013


Ways to make the Electoral College more fair

In October of last year, as the prospect of a close election loomed, some political pundits began to spin various possible scenarios. They envisioned a disconnect... Read more »

Jan. 23, 2013


Obama stands his ground on fiscal debates

President Barack Obama devoted one word — "deficit" — to the issue that brought Washington to the brink of fiscal crises time and again during his first term. Read more »

Jan. 22, 2013


Poll: Many say let illegal immigrants stay in US

More than 6 in 10 Americans now favor allowing illegal immigrants to eventually become U.S. citizens, a major increase in support driven by a turnaround in... Read more »

Jan. 22, 2013


Video helps explain Martin Luther King Jr. Day to children

If you’re looking for a video that simply but cutely describes the meaning behind Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a darling video titled “Martin Luther King Jr... Read more »

Jan. 21, 2013

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Book review: 'An American, A Mormon and a Christian' gives Orrin Hatch platform to testify about Christ

Sen. Orrin Hatch elegantly shares his beliefs in Christ and why he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a new book. Read more »

Jan. 19, 2013


President Obama eyes a legacy: 'You can make it if you try' (+video)

President Barack Obama is on the threshold of his second term and the overriding theme of his next four years seems to be this: assuring that America is a place where... Read more »

Jan. 19, 2013

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CEOs call for raising retirement age

An influential group of business CEOs is pushing a plan to gradually increase the full retirement age to 70 for both Social Security and Medicare and to partially... Read more »

Jan. 16, 2013


National GOP already targeting Rep. Jim Matheson for 2014

National Republicans have already painted a bull's-eye on Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson's back for the 2014 election. Read more »

Jan. 16, 2013


Obama, Netanyahu seem headed for US-Israel clash

Israel's premier on Wednesday dismissed President Barack Obama's reported displeasure with his hard-line policies toward the Palestinians, a sign that the two could be... Read more »

Jan. 16, 2013


Ron Paul's GOP legacy growing in states like Iowa

Ron Paul is exiting the political stage, but his legions of followers insist they are only getting started. Read more »

Jan. 15, 2013


Hatch's 'radicals' harmful

Sen. Orrin Hatch said the GOP is in risk due to the extreme right ("Utah GOP may end up being 'dominated by radicals,' Hatch warns," Jan. 9). Read more »

Jan. 14, 2013