Intergenerational poverty

In this 2010 file photo, a woman who is applying for Medicaid and appealing a rejection for disability income, searches through a folder of paperwork while talking with her doctor.

T.J. Kirkpatrick, Deseret News archives

Few things are more troubling to a state's long-term outlook than having a segment of its population caught in a downward cycle of poverty that gets passed from generation to generation. Utah has already begun tracking data on this type of poverty, having set up a commission last year to help identify solutions.

Fifty years since President Lyndon B. Johnson, in announcing his War on Poverty, asserted that the cause (of poverty) may lie deeper in our failure to give our fellow citizens a fair chance to develop their own capacities, policies need to be refined and refocused to address causes, rather than symptoms.

As in 2013, the Deseret News will focus its legislative coverage on the issue of intergenerational poverty, in addition to four other areas of emphasis.

Despite improved progress, Utah still has education challenges to overcome

Utah's graduation-rate improvements are significant. Yet, there's still much work to be done. What accounts for impressive progress? And what are ongoing barriers? And... Read more »

May 15, 2015


Upward mobility study ranks Salt Lake City in top 3 metro areas

The Equality of Opportunity Project involved the tracking of millions of families over a period of years and uncovered a direct link between a child’s future... Read more »

May 12, 2015


How do Baltimore riots, Supreme Court rulings impact Utah?

Utahns and Americans witnessed last week two minority groups in the midst of major societal change. One is arguing for the ultimate recognition before the U.S. Supreme... Read more »

May 3, 2015

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Intergenerational poverty education initiative on hold until 2016

SB262, which would have created a mechanism to fund educational services for families living in intergenerational poverty, was put on hold by its sponsor this session... Read more »

March 14, 2015


What you need to know about the final week of legislative session

Lawmakers faced three major issues at the start of the 2015 Legislature that have yet to be resolved — Medicaid expansion, religious liberty and... Read more »

March 9, 2015


Salt Lake ranked high for upward mobility — but is that story still true?

Harvard and University of California Berkeley researchers put Salt Lake City on the short list of best places for upward mobility. But a new analysis asks if that's... Read more »

May 8, 2014


New steps taken to break the cycle of poverty

In three years, Sen. Stuart Reid has guided an effort to address intergeneration poverty from the research stage to tapping state and federal funds for after-school... Read more »

March 15, 2014


Committee OKs bill to fight intergenerational poverty with after-school programs

Members of the Senate Education Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to recommend a bill establishing a grant program to provide extra-curricular tutoring for... Read more »

March 5, 2014


Senate gives preliminary approval to bill extending school day for children in poverty

A bill that would allow for extended-day learning and other initiatives for children affected by intergenerational poverty passed an initial vote by the Senate on Monday. Read more »

Feb. 24, 2014


Debate heating up for preschool, education funding bills

Some of the most active debate of the 2014 legislative session came during discussion of HB96, which would allow private firms to invest in preschool programs for... Read more »

Feb. 15, 2014


Lawmaker, faith groups make plea to raise Utah minimum wage

Rep. Lynn Hemingway, D-Salt Lake City, proposes to raise Utah's minimum wage to $10.25 an hour and give restaurant servers and those who work mostly for tips a $1... Read more »

Feb. 11, 2014


Math and reading help for children in intergenerational poverty would be 'awesome,' mom says

A Senate committee endorsed a bill Monday that would create a grant program for after-school instruction in reading and math aimed at "rescuing" children from... Read more »

Feb. 10, 2014


New proposal fights poverty one family at a time

Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden, is sponsoring legislation to spend $5 million a year for a program that would allow elementary schools to provide after-school instruction... Read more »

Jan. 29, 2014


Is it time to talk gas tax? Legislature kicks off Monday

When the 2014 Legislature begins meeting Monday, lawmakers will face a pressure familiar to Utah families, trying to make sure there's enough money to keep up with... Read more »

Jan. 26, 2014


Issues that matter to Utah families

Legislative issues that matter to Utah families. Read more »

Jan. 26, 2014


Utah's 2014 legislative session

Many issues will vie for attention in the coming weeks. The Deseret News has chosen five we feel are of particular importance and concern. Read more »

Jan. 26, 2014


Survivor of Sudan civil war thrives in Utah among 50,000 refugees

Some 50,000 refugees from 20 countries have been resettled in Utah, state lawmakers were told Wednesday. All but about 300 live in Salt Lake County. Read more »

Oct. 16, 2013


Report: Intervention needed to break cycle of intergenerational poverty in Utah

The second-annual report on intergenerational poverty in Utah cautions that the cycle will continue absent "intervention." The report, released Thursday, will help... Read more »

Oct. 3, 2013


Can the poor save?

There is hope for the poor in the form of an innovative program called an Individual Development Account. Read more »

July 16, 2013


Involve the poor in solving poverty

The war on poverty was lost because we hired professional soldiers to fight, but never involved the civilians, the poor, in having a say in their destiny.... Read more »

May 18, 2013


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