Nancy Pelosi

Dems, GOP test fall strategy in Florida House race

Voters in this stretch of beach towns and retirement communities provide the first 2014 campaign test of whether Democrats can counter GOP attacks on the president's... Read more »

March 10, 2014


House GOP getting its say on cancellations

First, President Barack Obama had his say on reversing millions of insurance cancellations issued under the health care program known by his name. Now House... Read more »

Nov. 15, 2013


Davison Cheney: Football more important than world peace in recent (unscientific) poll

Watch how the camera lingers on Tom Brady. I’m sure shampoo sponsors pay a pretty dime for that slow-mo shot of him removing his helmet after a nice toss into... Read more »

Nov. 5, 2013


Families across the globe celebrating Diwali

Now that the darker holidays of Halloween and Mexico's Day of the Dead have ceased, families across the globe have another (and brighter) holiday to celebrate: Diwali. Read more »

Nov. 5, 2013


Gay rights bill heads for first hurdle in Senate

The Senate prepared to push major gay rights legislation past a first, big hurdle Monday as Democrats and a handful of Republicans united behind a bill to prohibit... Read more »

Nov. 4, 2013


Sebelius' clueless incompetence deserves a one-way ticket to Topeka

Our Botcher-in-Chief is searching for a fall gal to blame for the continuing train wreck that is Obamacare, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius... Read more »

Nov. 3, 2013


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