Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney arrives to his election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, in Boston. President Obama defeated Republican challenger former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

David Goldman, Associated Press

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman and politician who served as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. He was the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

Raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, by his parents Lenore and George W. Romney, Mitt Romney spent two and a half years in France as a Mormon missionary starting in 1966. He married Ann Davies in 1969, with whom he has had five children.

By 1971, Romney had participated in the political campaigns of both his parents. In that year, he earned a Bachelor of Arts at Brigham Young and in 1975, a joint Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration at Harvard.

Romney then entered the management consulting industry and in 1977 he secured a position at Bain & Company. Later serving as its chief executive officer, he helped lead the company out of financial crisis.

In 1984, he cofounded and led the spin-off company Bain Capital, a highly profitable private equity investment firm that became one of the largest of its kind in the nation. His considerable net worth, estimated in 2012 at $190250 million, helped finance his prior political campaigns.

Election demonstrated that democracy still works in America

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Nov. 14, 2012


Mitt Romney: President Obama won with 'gifts' to certain voters

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is telling top donors that President Barack Obama won re-election because of the "gifts" he had already provided to blacks,... Read more »

Nov. 14, 2012


Jon Huntsman Jr. shares vision for ‘fine-tuning’ Republican Party

Jon Huntsman Jr. appeared Monday on MSNBC and Laura Ingraham’s radio program. Also, his name is being bandied about in the media for several cabinet positions as... Read more »

Nov. 13, 2012


Stop pretending U.S. welfare state doesn't exist

A welfare state transfers income from some people to other people to improve the recipients' well-being. In 1935, these transfers were less than 3 percent of the... Read more »

Nov. 13, 2012


Soften the political rhetoric in the GOP

They need to soften the offensive rhetoric that sometimes permeates from those who pretend to lead the party. Read more »

Nov. 13, 2012


The winners and losers of election 2012

As with any election period, the end shines light on winners and losers. This year the winners are Latinos, status quo and presidential debates, according to Alex... Read more »

Nov. 13, 2012


Mia Love says election loss surprised her, but she's mum on future

Mia Love said Monday she was "absolutely" surprised to lose her bid for Utah's new 4th Congressional District seat last week. Read more »

Nov. 12, 2012


Experts consider whether 'Mormon moment' over or not

Since the end of Mitt Romney's campaign, many believe this "Mormon moment" is over for the LDS Church. However, this is just the beginning for the church and just a... Read more »

Nov. 12, 2012


Election Day feelings

My wife and I traveled to Boston on Election Day to attend what we hoped would be a Romney-Ryan victory celebration. Instead, of course, the night ended in... Read more »

Nov. 12, 2012


Republican primaries the reason for Romney's election loss

I think Mitt Romney was who this country needed in order to work with all parties and fix our horrible financial woes. I don't think he was packaged wrong. I believe... Read more »

Nov. 12, 2012


Political parties aren't genetic

I grew up in a firmly Republican household. When I learned the grandparents I never knew were registered Democrats, it blew my mind. Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


Mitt Romney won white evangelicals, but struggled with Latino Catholics

Mitt Romney won the religious voters he expected to win last Tuesday, but there just weren't enough of them. Romney ran well with white Catholics, and surprisingly... Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


The best and the worst of this campaign season

The election may be over, but the 20/20 hindsight praise and criticism continues (we call it columnist security). Here are some of the the best ("pure genius at work")... Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012

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Wrong of Obama and Romney to dismiss climate change?

In the wake of extreme drought in much of the United States, widespread wildfires in the U.S. West, and now Hurricane Sandy, Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's refusal... Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


GOP in trouble as party of 'no'

I hope the tea party is happy with the national election results. Their party of "no" got them the results they deserve. The economy is right where they want it to be... Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


Honorable candidates deserve respect

Is the immediate second-guessing and criticism of the losing political campaigns really appropriate, however well-intentioned? Maybe the time for analysis is farther... Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


Republican Party doesn't need an ideological shift

They lose and immediately the chorus begins. Republicans must change or die. A rump party of white America, it must adapt to evolving demographics or forever be the... Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


It's time for conservatives to 'start all over again'

The election's outcome was foreshadowed by Mitt Romney struggling as long as he did to surmount a notably weak field of Republican rivals. Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


Mitt Romney never overcame bailout opposition in Ohio

Only a couple of weeks after Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, the man who would become his Republican challenger in the next election penned a New York Times... Read more »

Nov. 11, 2012


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