18 things I wish I knew when I was 18

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No matter what, finish. Get a degree in something. It’s very difficult to survive in today’s world without a college degree. Be committed, and get it done during the period of life when accomplishing it is the easiest. Set goals and re-set goals until you finally achieve. This is such an important skill to develop; it’s one you’ll use all throughout life.

Before moving on, let me reiterate tip No. 2. Get your degree! You never know what the future holds. You very well could end up a widow, divorced, or with a spouse who somehow winds up disabled. Get yourself in the best position possible to handle whatever life brings.
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South Jordan, UT

Very wise mother! I hope her daughter or son listens!

Sandy, UT

Remember, girls outnumber straight, single guys at nearly every college in America giving them the upper hand in selection and choice, so don't expect to get asked out on a lot of dates.
Try to have a good attitude about "hanging out" because your roommates will be trying just as hard to win a date in that rapidly shrinking dating pool.
Don't cohabitate or cohabiDATE, stay celibate and positive!
Insist your roommates do their share of washing dishes and cleaning the only bathroom you'll be sharing with at least three other girls.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

To the daughter: Pay attention. Your mom is as wise as they come. Good luck!

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