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Published: Thursday, Jan. 27 2011 4:41 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

What a last 24 hours for Fredette and his Cougar team mates. Seriously, he could just as easily have had 50 as the 43 he finished with. I'm hopeful that with the success of Jimmer, and the overall record of the team, that there will be a couple of recruits, that the Y is targeting, leaning our way.

Dave Rose has been a God send to the Y. Before everyone gets all up in arms with my comment, he is exactly what Brigham Young University stands for and is a fine example of the teachings of the Mormon faith. It's just too bad their are fans out there, like me, that are homers, and at times our a bad example, occasionally giving the school a bad name.

I am a sinner, who Love his Cougars!!!

Centerville, UT

As a huge Ute fan, but also as a Latter Day Saint, I offer my best wishes for Jimmer and BYU. We should all enjoy him while we can. I remember 1998 when we (The Ute Nation) nearly won the National Title. Many Cougar fans cheered on our team and respected our players (Andre Miller, Mike Doleac, Alex Jensen, etc.) It's time to return the favor. There is nothing not to like about this kid, your team, or a classy guy like Coach Rose. The rivalry is great, and I have teased and been teased by many friends over the years about it, but I wish you the best this year. What a great player, and more impressive, in this day and age, a class act! You have something special in him. My best comparison: Pistol Pete Maravich.

Spanish Fork, UT

MormonUte, as life long BYU fan, I like to say that I'd tip a glass of milk with you any time. I was one of those cheering the Utes in 98.

Glendora, CA

I liken him the the late great Drazen Petrovich.

Provo, UT

Also a lifelong BYU fan. I also cheered for the Utes back in '98.

I think the SDSU game was huge for Jimmer and his draft stock and status for possible POY. But the season has a long way to go and BYU has a lot to work on as a team before thinking about Final Four dreams as some are suggesting. I love Jimmer, and I was proud of the win. The crowd was STELLAR! Now I'm excited to see how the team reacts down the stretch and in the NCAA Tournament.

Roberts Ranch, UT

Lets just hope that the Jazz don't pick him up aha.

Universal City, TX

I love Fredette! Let's enjoy the moment. I watched the game on Wed 26th, primarily to see Jimmer. Understandably, either team could have won and I would not have been disappointed. I am an ardent BYU fan. But I know that the Coug's are not unbeatable. Just enjoy who we have playing now! Only about 10 more games before the MWC tourney (if we get to watch due to the foothills TV contract). I love it. NyronP

Name Already Used
Fort Duchesne, UT

Like MormonUte, I'm LDS and a strong Utah supporter. Jimmer is, indeed, an extraordinary person. I hope he becomes not only a BYU and Utah legend; but a national legend as well. I think Rose is a class act. My best wishes for BYU this is your time. I'm routing for Jimmer and his school.
Go Utes

Atlanta, GA

TJ, the older brother, got it right: "AMAZING"

And not just an amazing talent. A good kid. One we can all feel good about cheering for.

Carthage, MO

Living out in Missouri, people mostly follow KU, K-State, OU, Arkansas or Mizzou. However, the chatter now for a lot of sports fans is, "did you see that Jimmer kid from BYU?" Well deserved. Great exposure for Jimmer & BYU. Just hope that we can keep it going. Go Cougs!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I appreciate the posts on this board! I also loved Utah's amazing 98 run, and I'm enjoying watching Jimmer play right now. Its nice when fans can be respectful of one another. Hopefully, BYU can make a serious dent in the tournament.

Incidentally, how crazy would it be to have the real best scorer in the world say that you are "the best scorer in the world?"

Provo, UT

I love this kid and I did love the Ute's 98 run. They did it with class and so there was nothing to dislike. You wanted them to do well.

I know coach Rose personally, and I can tell you that he is a remarkable man and personifies all that is good in college sports and in humanity for that matter.

I am glad to see this season of really remarkable athletic achievment at BYU. There are those rare occasions in sports where people are drawn into a sport (or to watch a particular team) that they otherwise would never have cared for but for the fact that a really remarkable athlete draws you in, and draws you back (Casius Clay/Mohamed Ali, Tiger Woods, and perhaps to some extent a commodity called "Jimmer").


Somebody on TV recently compared Jimmer's game to former NBA All-Star Mark Price. If you ever saw Price play, he had unbelievable range, an amazingly quick trigger and was deceptively quick with great handles.

I'm glad that Jimmer is getting his due and think he will have a very good NBA career. Way to go Jimmer!

Provo, Utah

Just gotta say how refreshing it is to hear Utah fans who respect an awesome player. I'm a die hard cougar, and I hate losing to Utah any year in any sport, but there's some guys that you just have to respect, like Alex Smith. I wish that all fans were as respectful as you guys have been on this page. Hostility is not necessary for a heated rivalry. It can be just as heated, just as exciting and just as hyped without all the crap that goes on between BYU and Utah fans.

The Planet, Earth


Salt Lake City, ut

As a Cougar and the biggest fan of Jimmer I want to say YOU ROCK!!!!! He is going to be making more money then Durant and John Wall combined in the NBA. All the jealous Ute fans wish they had him. Dont even try this year Utes you guys are so pathetic! MWC Championship here we come! Dont be surprised if we take it all the way with Jimmer this year. Watch out Duke and Uconn you are going to get Jimmered!

Payson, UT

I'm with Nelly on this one. Jimmer is a phenomenon that comes around only a few times in a decade in college basketball. It's great to have this phenomenon happen so close to home.

If you watched the game a couple nights ago, BYU would have won that game with only 4 players on the court. And it's not about BYU, but all about Jimmer. The kid demands a constant double team and then he splits that and runs past the other 3 defenders to score an acrobatic lay-up or 5 foot jumper.


Mission Viejo, CA

And Cougars21 spoils the nice tone of the comments so far. Smak talk is childish and Cougars21 your smak is less than that. The Utes will be tough again, and if the Cougs go into that game thinking like you do, they might just lose to those "pathetic" Utes. In case you haven't noticed, they're playing much better lately. It will be a tough game even in the Marriott Center.

Now about Jimmer - I brought my neighbor and some friends in to see the SDSU game. He graduated from UConn and is a UCLA fan. He was planning to root for SDSU, but he got sold on Jimmer! Guys at the golf course were talking about Jimmer.

Enjoy this run, fans. Bask in Jimmer's amazing offense and enjoy. He is a once-in-a-generation player. It will be 15 or 20 years before we see another BYU player as good as he is. If ever.

West Jordan, UT

The positive outlook towards Jimmer, all the positive comments from fans of many different schools, is finally making sports fun again. Jimmer, your great to watch but even greater to be a fan of. Thank you!

And I like Alex Smith too. A class act throughout his career. I just hope the football gods can start to smile on him in the NFL.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

Methinks Cougar21 is a troll, trying to make the BYU fans look bad.

Good comment board to read. Thanks for the positive comments.

Payson, UT

interesting dialouge between the ute fans and cougar nation.yes i too was cheering for the utes back in 98. stuck in a sports bar in houston texas on a little tv in a corner. the bartender was biased based on the fact stockton had just ended the rockets season. and of course i had a byu shirt on. i love what the utes have done.it only makes the wins and losses that much better. ok jimmermania. pistol pete oh ya. the guy was rumored to sleep with a basketball. but i want to compare his toughness not to gonzagas morrison but the all time great gonzaga and jazz great stockton.jimmer is young. he could take byu deep in the ncaa tourney. but if its the whole enchilada byu wants. jimmer has to pick up his defensive game. then he will be mentioned with the greatness of john stockton

Holladay, UT

As a Utah Man, I send out to Jimmer and the Cougars, kudos. And yes, I love the rivalry. Only petty, immature people who do not see the bigger picture find joy in the derisive comments. There are stinky fans on both sides. The only solution would be to always ignore the negativity, especially the trollers and illogical responders.

Jimmer, thanks for the exhibtion of pure form. Good Luck and lets make a run in Tournys.

Provo, UT

To MormonUte: Thank you! Very classy. I should do (and will try) to do as well. We need more such feelings between the two Universities. Thanks again.

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