Mormons in Olympic history

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BYU, Harold B. Lee Library
Olympics: 1912 Stockholm (Sweden)
Event: Track and Field
Medal: Gold

But before his final jump, Alma Richards walked to a spot on the infield grass, and in full view of the stadium crowd of 24,000, he took off his hat, kneeled on the ground, and said this prayer: "God, give me strength. And if it's right that I should win, give me the strength to do my best to set a good example all the days of my life." As soon as he said "Amen," he put his "lucky" hat back on, walked to the end of the runway, and, without hesitation, raced for the bar. He cleared it at 6-feet, 4-inches to set a new world record and earn the gold medal. (Source: BYU Magazine)
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Lehi, UT

What about Clarence Robison? He competed in the 1948 summer games.

Lehi, UT

You also forgot Paul Cummings - 1984 Summer Games in the 10,000 Meters.

Midway, UT

Andrew Bown of Midway Utah was a member of a 2002 USA four man bobsled team. He was also a University of Utah football player.

I Am A Runner
South Jordan, UT

Well the list did say that it wasn't all inclusive, so it did miss some people.


So where were all these arm-chair editors when the Deseret News was asking everyone to submit names of LDS Olympic athletes? That was the time to chime in. Every comment about an omission should begin: "I should have submitted this when you asked, but ..."

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