One school district has more than $10,000 debt per student. Is it yours?

Published: Tuesday, July 10 2012 6:45 a.m. MDT

For school districts, debt is sometimes necessary in order to construct new buildings or provide additional services to students. But, which district has the most? The follow is a ranking of school districts based on total liabilities per student. Financial numbers, like total liabilities, came from Bloomberg, while education figures were found on the Utah State Office of Education website.
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Herriman, UT

Sounds to me like the Canyons is getting a lot,of bang for the buck with their school board and superintendent.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

EMJ: remember, canyons is still paying for Jordan School Districts bond....you have to wait until that pays off until you see the real truth behind the debt.

Ahhh....24 students per teacher in Jordan, all districts is misleading. I have a few friends yeaching Math and English in the district, who complain about 38 to 44 students in their classes last year! It's amazing what theses teachers do inside their classroom.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Dear geniuses behind the Deseret News lists: please go back to school and take some classes on information design. These "lists" are a terrible way to present this kind of information.

Utah Teacher
Orem, UT

Seriously, could we get some real teacher/student ratio numbers? Not the numbers the legislature want us to believe, the real numbers of kids in each class. Right now I believe they count every adult in the school as a teacher when they figure out these numbers. Principal, secretary, custodian, counselor, etc.

All we really would like to know is what is the average class size.

I teach in Provo and my average class size is 32 yet in your numbers you list teacher/student ratio as being less than 20. It is totally misleading and I would go so far as to say it is purposefully deceitful.

Reasonable Emotion
Springville, UT

For those wondering about “real” class sizes in Utah school districts, I recently discovered that the state office actually has this data somewhat hidden on their website. Unfortunately, DesNews doesn’t allow URLs in comments, but this is how to access the information. 1. Go to the Utah State Office of Education website (google it to find address) 2. Click on the Data & Statistics tab 3. Click on Educational Data from the drop down menu 4. Click on Class Size/Staff Ratios from the side bar menu 5. Scroll down to “Class Size By LEA and Grade/Course” and choose the year you would like to view (2011 is the most current). I found this information when looking for good districts to apply to, after experience substituting in Alpine District with 40+ students in jr. high English (and other core) classes. Horrifying! It’s a great district overall, but the class size allotments are absolutely ridiculous.

Smith River, CA

Maybe using student teachers to replace aides at minimum wage would help both the school budget,college students, and the students.

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