The worst fires in American history

Published: Monday, July 9 2012 6:41 a.m. MDT

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Ed Andrieski, AP
The Associated Press reported that a sign in a Colorado Springs neighborhood read "FAIR WARNING: Anyone using or allowing use of fireworks in this neighborhood will be dealt with harshly! And that doesn't mean just by the police.'"

The Waldo Canyon fire in 2012 burned more than 18,00 acres and took more than two weeks to be contained.
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Danish American
Payson, UT

And how many of these were caused by "global warming"?


Fascinating article! It's hard to comprehend the devastation caused by these atrocious fires. The damage done to the land, wild animals, nearby homes, etc is surreal. I would love to know how many of these fires were considered to be the result of global warming. Apparently lightning and fireworks have played a huge part in some of them.

Saratoga Springs, UT

If only "Global Warming" was real.


Picture is misleading...#2 Lower Michigan 1881--I don't think they had extended cab pickup trucks in 1881.....

Boise, ID

Many of the photos - perhaps all - are just fire photos, and unrelated to the actual fire as "listed." And speaking of lists... I'd add my voice to others who have requested that you present your lists in some other way than on 20-or-whatever different URLs. How about a master list, and the reader can click on the list entries for additional information?

Cedar Hills, UT

As long as building permits continue to be issued right up past the forest line there is going to be disastrous fires. This Alpine fire was just an atom bomb waiting to explode. Take a look at many of these million dollar castles and they are built right into the super dry oak brush. Go figure.


Twenty years ago, I knew the dispatcher for the fire crews for the north Arizona strip blm district. after listening to about 100 to many "Only you can prevent forest fires!" commercials, I asked this individual how all of the fires were started. the reply was as follows: the previous year to the question, they dispatched fire crews to 101 fires. One was started by an overheated catalytic converter, one was started by a campfire left unattended, and 99 were started by lightning, So remember! Only you can prevent forest fires.

Millie Bess

Even though lightening strikes are the cause of the majority of the fires, it is sad to think that any of them were caused by the carelessness of human- beings!

Salt Lake City, UT

Or... I might've messed up my last post. The Long Draw fire currently burning in southeast Oregon is at half a million acres and is larger than the Biscuit fire.

@Howard Beal
Wikipedia lists the Milford Flat fire at 363k acres.

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