The most charitable areas in Utah. Who gives the most?

Published: Wednesday, June 27 2012 6:56 a.m. MDT

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Some people are extremely charitable and others aren't quite so generous. But what about certain cities? Here's a list of the most charitable areas in Utah, by ZIP code. The data is from 2008, the most recent available from the Internal Revenue Service. The ZIP codes are sorted by charitable contributions per person. Figures for population are from the 2010 Census, the most recent data available.
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Bountiful, UT

Who gives the most is an interesting question. Should it be based simply upon dollar amount? Which is what this list does. Or should it be based upon percentage of household income? I argue it should be the latter. A person who gives 10 dollars of $100 in my estimation is more charitable than the person who gives 13 dollars of $200. I think if you looked at charitable donations as a percentage of household you would get a much more accurate picture of who is more charitable.

Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting that Alpine is the only city that is paying 10%.

Alpine is walking the walk.

Provo, UT

The chart is poorly labeled. At first glance, it makes it look like contributions and taxes paid are reversed due to the order of the legend being out of sync with the chart.

That said, what's more interesting than the 10% comment (not everyone is LDS and not everyone pays tithing on their gross income), is the fact that in no case do taxes paid rise above 10%. In most cases, they're in the 5-8% range. Seems a little hypocritical for all those calling Romney out on not paying his "fair share" of taxes, no?

Centerville, UT

What surprised me is the relatively small amount people are paying in taxes.

Cedar Hills, UT

You really expect me to click through 50 slides?? Sorry, but I'm not really that curious.

Millie Bess

Of course Alpine is the most charitable and it is impressive how much they give. This is a interesting article and even though there are 50 slides, I loved checking each one of them out.


I know exactly where that sweet house in the picture representing Providence is.

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