Which countries are the lightest? See who made the list

Published: Friday, June 22 2012 2:26 p.m. MDT

Beautiful Faces of Palestine via Flickr
Some countries are a little overweight, but some are quite thin. Here's a list of the 10 thinnest countries in the world in 2005, according to new research from the London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine. The report can be found at BioMed Central. The rankings are based on theoretical total energy expenditure and calculated from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for adults. The two categories cited in the list are adults per ton and the average energy used to maintain biomass due to body measurement index.
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There is a huge difference in the eating habits of the first six countries as compared to Nepal, Burundi, Cambodia, and North Korea which are allowed to have a more desirable variety of foods to choose from I found this article to be very enlightening as well as a source of gratitude for the many options available in the United States.

Millie Bess

This is very interesting! Thanks for providing the main foods of each country! America needs a lesson in eating healthy!

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Not a single first world country on the list. Evidently leanness and poverty go hand in hand.

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