The richest areas in Utah by ZIP code. Where do you fit?

Published: Monday, June 25 2012 7:11 a.m. MDT

Tom Smart, Deseret News
Some areas are doing better than others financially. But which ones are the most well off? Here's a list of the wealthiest areas in Utah by zip code. The data is from 2008, the most recently available information from the Internal Revenue Service. The zip codes are sorted by the average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). AGI is gross income minus adjustments. Population figures are from the 2010 census, the most recent data.
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one old man
Ogden, UT

Yes, but . . . . Ogden is shown as one of the highest income cities in the state. Yet huge parts of Ogden are virtually slums filled with low income workers, gang bangers, druggies and who knows what else.

What happens when you break a place like this down by neighborhood? Zip codes don't mean much because the large 84404 code includes not only Ogden's inner city, but also Huntsville and the posh Ogden Valley.

Grantsville, UT

How about showing your "lists" as actual, user-friendly lists? In the current format, viewers must click on each item in ascending order instead of seeing the entire list and then clicking on those items which are of interest to them.

Could it be that web-analytics-bean-counting is driving this format? Web analytics will count each new screen view, and the more screen views, the more successful your site is. . . right? WRONG!

Please change your "lists" format to a user-friendly format. Thanks.

Salt Lake City, UT

Who associated the cities to the zip codes? You have several zip codes attributed to Salt Lake City, but are actually for other cities. 84171 is Cottonwood Heights, not Salt Lake City and 84109 is mostly Millcreek, with a tiny bit of SLC in it, etc.


Yes, I agree, these lists are interesting but very hardto navigate on my iPad. I, too, have wondered why.


Outstanding article! I find it fascinating to see the differences in wealth as they are reflected by zip codes--especially with such an enormous area as that which is covered in the Salt Lake area. I understand the complaints of those who desire a different format for presenting this data, but please know that there are also people such as myself who enjoy the current format and find it a pleasant way to look at the information. Thank you for a very well-written article with such interesting facts.

Orem, UT

Haha, you've got to love the modest home depicted for Alpine!

Provo, UT

Ironically, the images shown don't match the zip codes. The last park city image shows downtown park city, but the 84098 zp code is for the surrounding suburbs. As for the list format, I wholehearted ly agree, but also understand that these lists likely drive page views up. It's all about knowing how to play the game, right Desnews?

Saint George, UT

After clicking 50 plus times, I didn't see anything about St. George. I agree with others that another format would be easier trying to find my zip code. Too much clicking.

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