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The 50 best-scoring high schools in Utah

Published: Tuesday, June 19 2012 8:22 a.m. MDT

Here is a look at the best-scoring high schools in Utah, according to the state's criterion-referenced tests, or CRT. The CRT tests gauge student performance and shows which schools are performing better than others in scores. The rankings are based on the percentages of students who have passed CRT tests proficiently. The Deseret News averaged language arts, math and science scores together weighed by total students tested in each category to get an overall percentage. Only schools with 150 students or more are included in the list. Click here to see the worst-scoring high schools in Utah. The data for this list can be found on the Utah State Office of Education website. The following schools have been excluded because of inconclusive data or other circumstances: Itineris Early College High Jordan Valley School Success School
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Pleasant Grove, UT

Second among large schools, and hanging right in there with Lone Peak and Park City? Phenomenal! Way to go, Vikings!

Mapleton, UT

Way to GO UCAS! Great school and great opportunities!

Woods Cross, UT

Sorry guys, the list is completely inaccurate if you think CRT equates to academic success. It only measures certain classes. AP students are not allowed to take math CRT's... so some of the high schools with large AP Math programs are ranked lower. Davis High's math average was derived from the bottom 1/3 of the student population.

Cedar Hills, UT

Statistically speaking, this list is misleading; especially the title is misleading, because it has used a Pass/Failed criteria to judge the academic performance in Language/Math/Science. The more adequate method would be using the median or average to rank, also they need take into consideration of the fact that AP students are not allowed to take math CRT's.


Why is the math score for the Academy for Math Engineering & Science so low?

North Salt Lake, UT

Most UCASS and Legacy Prep students are taking college classes and cannot take the CRTs in those subjects either.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

Not sure of all of the states high schools, but I see that Alpine School District has a lot in the top 50.

Also, the article would be slightly better if it aid how many high schools there are total in Utah. Is this the top 50 of 51, or the top 50 of 500?

Duchesne, UT

Hooray for Altamont HS in Duchesne District!!!!

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Maybe the schools that are not doing so well should take a look at those that are doing well.

Enterprise, UT

I'm so proud of Enterprise High School! #5 of the top five high schools in the state! Wow!! To all the staff and students: "Great job!!!!"

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