30 companies Mitt Romney's Bain Capital invested in from 1986-1998

Published: Sunday, June 17 2012 2:37 p.m. MDT

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Year: 1987
Investment: Unknown
Realized: Unknown
Recent employment numbers: 15,000

Jack Smith pitched the idea of a sporting-goods mega store to Romney, Bain and several other backers in 1987, and by 1990 he had opened nine stores in six states. Kmart bought the chain for $75 million and then sold off Sports Authority in 1994, The Street reports. In January 2012, Smith told National Review that attacks against Bain and Romney are "a terrible slap against a brilliant guy's record." At the end of 1998, Sports Authority had almost 14,000 employees, The American reports.
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Eureka, UT

Do we invest in the future or in the past. It seems that Pres. Obama was looking to the future along with maintaining some aspects of the past. Romney on the other hand was firmly rooted in the old money of the past.

Provo, UT

Domino's Pizza Year: 1998
Investment: Bain reportedly paid $1 billion for the controlling stake
Realized: The Boston Globe estimates Bain saw a 500 percent return

That would be a $500 BILLION return from Domino's Pizza! Really?

In 2000, Domino's Pizza Total Revenue was $1.166 Billion. Domino's would have to pay the equivalent of their entire revenue to Bain, without paying any other expense or tax, for over 400 years in order for Bain to make a 500% return.


@stuff - a 500% return is 5 times the investment, not 500 times the investment.

Visalia, CA

Hey Stuff, Bain Capital's investment was $1 billion and their net increase was 500% on their investment. Which could mean between income and capital gains they had a 500% increase.

Also, 500% is equivelant to 5 times the investments or $5Billion in returns (net income or capital gains).

Boise, ID

One of the most interesting office-supply items I got from Staples recently was the big red easy button. You see it on the commercial all the time. Something good happens and just hit the easy button. The button says "that was easy". The button is only about five dollars and demand for the easy button has gone way up since Mitt announced his candidacy.Does it make $1 million? Probably not. But it sure is fun.I like Mitt's style a lot! Having worked with creative consultants in my past life I find some of the most valuable things they do is to leave a new way of thinking and positive attitude.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Umm..so why is there criticism of Bain and Romney? All they did was make money and jobs overall. This must be a completely foreign concept to so called "progressives".

Gray, TN

DN that was a great List with synopsis of Bain's early work when Romney was involved. I can see how he amassed his fortune. I'm surprised at the percentage of winners compared to losers - he has quite a good record of getting in and getting out as other investors bought into the businesses.
I know that Obama wants to attack Romney, but geez,, there's just not much there to complain about - nobody's perfect, but Romney's record is quite good. Romney and his partners were moneymaking gurus in the capitalistic business world of America. Kudos for their savvy decisions and willingness to invest in troubled companies.

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