Celebrities who found faith in another religion

Published: Wednesday, June 13 2012 2:23 p.m. MDT

For celebrities, living a life of faith is usually a private affair. However, some decide to live their faith openly, and others convert from one faith to another, generating more headlines than usual. In every area of the entertainment industry, some musicians, actors, comedians and others have found what for them feels like a more livable form of faith and converted to a religion other than the one in which they were raised. Here are 10 celebrities who have embraced a new belief system.
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I don't know why Rick Schroder was mentioned. He's barely a star compared to the rest of the line-up. If you had to force an LDS member in you should have picked Katherine Heigl, at least she's a big star. Although I'm doubtful, after posting all these other stars who changed faiths, you'd ever post a LDS star who left the church such as Katherine Heigl.

Dave Chappelle ... I used to watch him all the time. Interesting, I had no idea he was a follower of Islam. Nor that Richard Gere was a buddhist, a faith (or philosophy in my mind) that has always held my interest. Can't go wrong with promoting peace and happiness with one's self.

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