Are you getting scammed? Here's what to watch out for

Published: Monday, June 11 2012 6:57 a.m. MDT

People have been getting scammed for years. In this slow economy, that's the last thing they need. Here's a list of recent scams to be beware of, according to the FBI.
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I highly recommend this well-thought out article to all Americans who have been scammed or at least come close. I know I have scammed on at least three of the those on the list, but the majority I had never heard of. This article is a good wake-up call for those who want to avoid the incredible number of devious that are put in front of us each day. Excellent article, and very much appreciated.

Mystery Shopper
Minnetonka, MN

I really like how this covered all the types of scams out there. It is sad how many people are spending time scamming rather than making a legitimate living. I think it really gives mystery shopping a bad name. There are like 100+ scams out there to every one legit mystery shopper job.

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