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Top-10 All-Sports schools in each of the five high school classifications

Published: Thursday, May 31 2012 9:44 p.m. MDT

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Class 1A

Total points: 16.5

Championships: wrestling

Runner-up finishes: none

Other top finishes: boys track (6th), football (quarterfinals)
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MiddleofNowhere, Utah

Interesting point system, but I don't understand how schools with no championships and few runner ups can be 7th or 8th on the list when there are schools that had championships that weren't even on the list? Doesn't make sense.

South Jordan, UT

I do not understand why drill team is part of the UHSAA, but is neglected completely from this study. The athletic skill, time, and commitment put in by the drill teams rivals any of the other teams, except maybe the swim team and some (but not all) track teams.

Syracuse, UT

Syracuse won the 5A boys golf title in 2009.

Bountiful, UT

Great to see Davis, Viewmont, Bountiful and Woods Cross all honored.

the greater outdoors, UT


Maybe you can tell us how Bingham is listed ahead of Alta? Based on the winnings you provide on the site Alta has more championships and has higher finishes in the "Other top finishes" area.

Forgive me, but based on my math, Alta comes out ahead.


Funny Hurricane wasn't mentioned in 3a since we took state in football and basketball this year. I think girls track, also. Wow! What would it take for Hurricane to get a little respect?

Provo, UT

@guitarboy Maybe drill team doesn't count because it comes from judges and not from a score board? Or maybe because they don't have a direct head to head competition. I would think it's a similar setup to rodeo, and do they count rodeo for this? If they do, then I would say included drill team as well. If they don't, maybe that's why. I'm just guessing though, I have no knowledge on the situation.

Manti, UT

How does Manti not be the top team in 2A? Richfield has 2 championships vs 4 for Manti. There is no way that Richfield is number 1 over Manti

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