Top 10 albums of 2010

Published: Monday, Jan. 10 2011 1:16 p.m. MST

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Josh Ritter is one of the best storytellers releasing music today, and lately he’s grown much more daring in his stylistic exploration. Whether unfolding the story of a mummy and his archeologist lover in “The Curse” or pounding out a rock ‘n’ roll guitar riff in “The Remnant,” Ritter has never sounded more inspired or confident. So Runs the World Away is certainly a career highlight for this already accomplished musician.
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American Fork, UT

Interesting off-the-beaten-path list. Since this is the desnews, I would expect all this music to be family friendly, right? No Katy Perry or Eminen or Kanye.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Who is this guy? What credibility does he bring? Without context, this list means nothing and after figuring he isn't the home inspector on Google I found the identical list elsewhere.

A critic isn't somebody to be agreed with constantly but somebody to gauge taste by after a consistent history of comparisons. So while I may not have the same taste, I can gauge my taste by the critics but throwing people up with their list provides no context or basis for me to know anything. In this case, I have no idea what any of this means unless I already know the music myself.

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