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Mormon firsts

Published: Wednesday, May 30 2012 9:19 a.m. MDT

Mitt Romney is positioned to become the first Mormon to appear at the top of a major party ticket in a presidential election, but he’s not actually the first Mormon to run for president (that was Joseph Smith). With such a historic event likely on the horizon, LDS Living decided to look back at some other great Mormon first, including the first successful artificial heart transplant and the first electric traffic light. This content originally appeared on Reprinted here with permission.
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Central, Utah

Some may say that TV has been a blessing, others may have the opposite opinion. The result is it IS here and like a bunch of other thinss, like computers, is is how we utilize them.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

First fry sauce, really? Didn't know that it was that great of an achievement. Must have been a real Manhattan Project going on there..

Salt Lake City, UT

Harvey Fletcher of Bell Telephone Laboratories, for first stereophonic recording on movie film, 1941

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