The 16-team WAC: Where are their football programs now?

Published: Wednesday, June 6 2012 3:58 p.m. MDT

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Conference status: Left WAC in 1999, joined MWC.

Record since 1999: 89-69

Best season since 1999: 2000, went 9-3 (5-2 MWC) and beat Fresno State in the Silicon Valley Bowl

Worst season since 1999: 2006, went 4-8 (3-4 MWC)
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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Lots of bad teams on that list.

South Jordan, UT

Utes and TCU by far the most successful since 1999.


Yup, TCU by far the most successful program since 1999 with a 78% winning average! Followed by Utes at 71% (rounding up) and BYU at 65%.


When judgin success over the years since the WAC, the winning percentage gives the edge to Utah (70.6% to 65.0%), but the difference between Utah and BYU is just 7 total wins across 12 seasons. Granted, when Utah was up, they were WAY up, going to 2 BCS games and winning them both, but, in the years the two schools shared a home in the MWC, there wasn't much difference between them.

In the years in which they were both in the MWC, Utah took the series 7-5 (not exactly one-sided)and both schools won 4 MWC titles.

Past 25 contests: Utah, 13-12
Past 50 contests: BYU, 29-21
Since 1950: Utah 31-30-1

I hope both sides can do whatever needs to be done to keep this rivalry going. It has been so close and so fierce for so long, I would hate to see it die.


The rivalry has been one-sided for a decade now and is dying a slow death.

Last ten match-ups have Utah with a 7-3 advantage, including three incredibly lopsided wins.

BYU's three wins were great wins, but each of them were nail biters. Not to say they don't count, of course they do, they were some of the most intense games in the history of the rivalry. I want to see the rivalry continue as long as football is played, but reality is going to snuff it out.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ WisCoug

"Past 25 contests: Utah, 13-12
Past 50 contests: BYU, 29-21
Since 1950: Utah 31-30-1"

You forgot one!

Since 1896: Utah, 55-34-4 (The only one that matters)

Red Leader
Bountiful, UT

I wish these lists weren't in slideshow format, it would be much easier for those trying to view them on a phone or tablet if it was just a list on a page with the information. They really are annoying this way, having to reload a new page to see every item on the list.

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