Top 12 Utah senators of the last 100 years

Published: Monday, Jan. 3 2011 1:48 p.m. MST

Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
During the past 100 years, only 12 men have occupied Utah's two seats in the U.S. Senate. The list includes an LDS apostle, a future member of the U.S. Supreme Court, an astronaut and a father-and-son combo. In commemoration of Mike Lee taking his Senate seat on Jan. 3, the Deseret News ranks the Top 12 Utah Senators of the last 100 years according to their respective lengths of service.
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Provo, UT

It's amusing that Orrin Hatch won a 3 term incumbent with the campaign promise to serve only two terms. He felt that politics was a service not a profession.

Kaysville, UT

Wallace F. Bennett did not lose an election to Jake Garn as this article indicates. He retired and did not run for re-election, as did Senator Garn himself. At that time it was considered bad party form to challenge a powerful and successful incumbent Senator of the same party. Times have changed!

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck Mike maybe you can finally be a good one.

Springville, UT

In commemoration of Mike Lee? Talk about pandering by this newspaper.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

This list, not a ranking, includes many very capable men who represented Utah well in their times. These now are dangerous times, and we should make our choices carefully, not from anger, and not from fear.

law in Utah
North Salt Lake, UT

Why such a low rating for George Sutherland? Prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court he was considered among the foremost of constitutional authorities, and a leading contender to challenge for the 1912 and 1916 Republican presidential nomination. He was instrumental in rehabilitating Utah's national image shortly after its admission to the Union.

Kaysville, UT

@law in Utah,

This is not a rating of the effectiveness of Utah Senators. They are listed in order based on their time in office, with #1 Orrin Hatch being the longest serving Utah Senator in history.

Stockton, UT

It was time for Cannon to be replaced; his pro-amnesty views were out of touch with his constituents.

It was time for Bennett to be replaced; his vote in favor of TARP was at odds with his constituents' values. His lame duck vote for amnesty showed he was out of touch on that issue too. Lessor known, perhaps, but his role in allowing Freddie and Franny to run amok is also a serious problem.

Hatch needs to be replaced in 2012. He sponsored amnesty. He's long since become part of the tax (or borrow) and spend establishment. He is out of touch.

I look forward to his renewed efforts to represent his constituents for the next two years and then his delegates retiring him in 2012.

Provo, UT

Lee hasn't done anything at all - not one thing and he's on the list? The DNews should be ashamed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Noticed the most famous... Gentile U.S. Senator was left out... Utah's own Thomas Kearns... mormon historians have gone out of their way to bury him... although he did much for Utah.

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