Top recreation areas to visit during Memorial Day weekend

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Utah's most popular recreation attractions are that way for various reasons, not the least of which is that they are incredibly beautiful.

It's a good bet that with Memorial Day weekend here, they will be as they always are this time of year: busy. But those who head out early will be able to find prime camping spots.

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Cedar Hills, UT

all southern utah sites are good for this weekend. Everything up north is going to be cold - wet for Sat-Su.

Lewis Center, OH

Pulllleeaaseee give us something beyond the obvious destinations.


If you want cool scenery, peace and quiet and mountains that will make your head spin...come to Montana. Much more scenic than anything Utah has to offer.

Bakersfield, CA

We're headed to Enterprise and the MMM site via Hwy 18 through SnowCanyon before it hits 115 degrees. It's a gorgeous drive, a much neglected site and Enterprise has a treasure of a small DUP museum with other frontier relics.

A sobering journey back through time, but well worth the experience.

Ivins, UT

No thanks, I saw all the traffic coming down I15 yesterday. These are beautiful sites, but Not worth fighting crowds to see. It takes all the fun out of it. Ill wait a week. It's going to be pretty cool and wet also. I'm going for a large neighborhood cookout this afternoon, and then LOTS of car racing.

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