Wasting Money: Designer pet clothing and 59 other ways

Published: Thursday, May 24 2012 7:00 a.m. MDT

Maximizing every penny's worth is more important than ever as the economy continues to struggle. But Americans still waste funds on a variety items. Here's a list of the top ways to waste money according to Daily Finance. Users suggested ways to cope without the following items.
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A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I think a list like this can be a good asset, but some of these won't apply to everyone. I can see good reasons behind technology, organic food, and regular car maintenance can have long lasting benefits- So sometimes it's very cost efficient. A packet of Potassium permanganate (a kind of salt) in your fridge absorbs ethylene which usually makes produce last twice as long.

But the rest of that list I agree with. Prepackaged, premade, and convenience. People today think a lot of convenience items are necessities or are necessary for 'their situation'. The truth is that most Americans have very similar situations. Do-it-yourself is most often the best solution when it can be done that way, imo.


The White House spent half a MILLION on new fine china!? Maybe Romney should cut W.H. spending like he did the Olympics! Holy cow!


Palmetto Bug
Columbia, SC

Save money on water and collect rain water in old buckets or tarps. Tarps can also be used as clothing to save money on the latest fashions. Cardboard boxes can make great shelter and are much cheaper than a home and require fewer utilities.
Don't bother with air conditioning or heating bills, just move north for the summer and south for the winter (walking of course). With the cardboard box home/shelter you shouldn't have to worry about carrying too much stuff which will also save on movers and rental trucks.

Also, sending things into space on a rocket is incredibly expensive, avoid doing this and you should save plenty of money for your new cardboard box.

Gainesville, VA

Yes, some of these are true and some could be disputed like renting is like throwing away money. Renting is smart if you don't have an emergency fund in place and a hefty down payment. When you rent the landlord pays for those darn repairs.
Also, flex plans can be great but can be a big pain if you over estimated your medical spending for the year. You either lose the money not spent or you end up wasting it on trivial items that are covered by the program. Overall though good things to think about.

Provo, UT

We can tell by this article that the author never:
1. Has had kids
2. Been to a picnic
3. Shopped for a used car (used cars hold value in this economy with high demand)
4. Lived in a third world country
5. Shaved with a crappy $1 razor
6. Been to redbox ($1 is too much to pay for a rental!!)
7. Given to charity (you would not want to support your local schools or kids selling cookies).


Very useful and delightful article! I enjoyed each and every one of the 60 suggestions. You'll notice the writer said it's more frugal to donate money to the school rather than to buy the cookies being sold. I especially enjoyed the suggestions regarding the extra huge extravagances, such as huge homes, huge vehicles, and unnecessarily expensive china to eat on. I thought all of the suggestions were excellent examples of ways to save money, especially for those with large families like mine. After raising eight children, I have had to take the advice suggested in this brilliant article to help our family trim our budget. There isn't one suggestion that I have not tried to follow in the past. Thanks for an exceptionally delightful article.

small town, Nebraska

Thats imelda Marcos with the designer dog outfit. Its lucky it was that cheap.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


The truth is, we can't tell anything about the author. Several people could have helped with this list. Those are a lot of assumptions. ;)

Payson, UT

What library has thousands of movies to borrow?

Millie Bess

When people try to find fault with the author, it shows that they are trying to make themselves look better or smarter, when in fact just the opposite is true, since they don't have a clue what the author is really like. Aside from that, the white house dinnerware should be sold at a silent auction and the proceeds given to a children's charity!

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