Here are 30 companies you wouldn't expect to be worth less than Facebook

Published: Friday, May 18 2012 6:52 a.m. MDT

Facebook Inc.'s initital public offering raised $16 billion, the largest technology company IPO in history. The company's 421.2 million shares sold at $38 each, which values the company at $104.2 billion. The following is a list of 30 companies that are worth less than Facebook's current market capitalization.
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Buena Vista, VA

The DN could have put all of these in 1 list, on 1 page, and it might actually be useful to browse through the list. Why, oh why, does the DN think it is so cool to keep having these "lists" every day that we have to click through 30 things? Has the DN ever polled its online readers about this?

Lindon, UT

Don't we get the same complaint on every page like this? My guess is that they would rather not have other copy the list after all the work they have done to put it together. That said, isn't it quite interesting how many manufacturing companies and retailers, with real products, are in that list, overshadowed by a company made up of computer servers and vapor-ware? It kind of makes me wonder what this says about what we value most here in America. Something to make you go "hmmmmmm..."

Howard Beal
Provo, UT


It doesn't say anything bad about America other than what a creative country we are. Kudos to Zuckerberg. I surely don't want to use my Visa or Mastercard too much, I don't use Goldman Sachs but I get on Facebook about everyday and I think it's awesome!

Provo, UT

Why would I be surprised that these 30 companies have higher valuations than Facebook? Frankly, I'm not as each of them are well-established entities with solid business plans (with the exception of AIG who got bailed out in 2008) and who are profitable companies.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

WORF, I could go on and on about Romney's return to Bush Era policies, but here are a few, Budgeting a return to Reaganomics or "Trickle down" economics. Deregulation of Wall Street by overturning Dodd Frank, Replacement of ObamaCare, (he doesn't bother to tell us what he means by "replacement". He wants to maintain the Bush tax cuts, which have contributed heavily to the budget deficit. A foreign policy that returns us to a cold war era with Russia the big bad boggy man. These are just a few examples of what caused the ship of state to hit the berg in 2008 when we has a wall street melt down that put us into the worst recession since the great depression. The truth is that Obama has been trying to save the ship of state, and he is having some success by all accounts (unless you only watch fox news).

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